Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Babes and Chaos.

Babes and Chaos
Andre Willers
29 March 2007

When babies are born , they are extremely intelligent , since all their neurons are connected . As they learn , connections are excised and even whole neuron-groups are re-absorbed .What is not always realized , is that this process is painful .

Learning has an associated endorphin response . Homeostasis means that non-learning is painful , or at the least uncomfortable .

The problem is that neuron-connectivity that may be useful in the future is apoptised because it is not immediately useful .

The question is what exposure the babe has to meaningful (ie internally coherent ) Input like language and what stimuli should be random to preserve the smartness for future usage .

A first approximation for babies would be our infinite approximation 1/e = 0.3etc .

For third of your baby’s awake time expose him to random stimuli . This will preserve neuron-connections that will form the foundation of future smartness .

The next major pulse of neuron growth is at puberty . The dreaded teens .

New neurons and connections are formed at a rapid pace . Excising or apoptosis of new neurons are felt as an extreme discomfort (mental pain) . Chaotic systems are deliberately cultivated to ease this discomfort . Ref music ,rebellion , etc.

Once again , a third of time exposure to chaos is recommended , but self-referencing systems like teenagers makes this difficult . Note that endorphin releasing drugs are frequently used by teens to deaden the pain . Also note that the teens are smarter that the adults trying to control them (by definition) .

This mechanism evolved to get children out of the protected home environment . In Europe , since circa 1600 , it has signally failed . The chaos element has been shifted to the local verreine . That is club ,society ,etc . where the probability of winning is about 1/3 .

You might wonder why 1/3 ?
A sum of an infinite series of 1/3 = 1/3(1/1-1/3) = ½
A 50% is the maximum uncertainty an uncertainty system can have (see previous http://andreswhy.blogspot.com

A 33% chaos for babies and teens gives a 1/3 leverage over the long term , while retaining a 50% chaos . This difference is used extensively by organized religions , armies and political groups .

The Third Pulse .

Male or female menopause . This is normally taken as a period of decline . Yet the neurological symptoms are the same as for teens .

We know that females evolved to be smarter to look after the tribe . Males had to be included , because of the genetic package .

So, surviving postmenopausal men and women have another spurt of neuron-growth .
By this time , the person would have bit of hassle finding some real random input . Hence “no fool like an old fool” .

Ironically , the same result could be achieved by putting a really random one-armed bandit in the portal . No payoff is necessary .

You can do all the permutations yourself .


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