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Cellulite How to ge

Cellulite : How to get rid of it.
Andre Willers
16 March 2007

This is a Mind-Body Regimen .
This is not a quick fix .

The origin of cellulite lies mainly in hydrogenated fats and trans fats . The body does not know what to do with the molecules , so it stores them in similar places to ordinary fats . The problem is that it takes a higher threshold of energy (ie ATP concentration ) to unlock these molecules from storage .

Females are hit by a double whammy : they have a natural subcutaneous  fat storage which is bigger than that of the male . This gets unlocked first , since it’s unlocking  threshold is lower .

Also , females do not have testosterone driven energy peaks that will unlock cellulite .

Another problem is acrylamide ( see )
Neuropathy is the extreme case , but neural damage occurs cumulatively over age . This is a problem with both sexes . The neural damage prevents the body image from being exercised at the cellular level . (Ie neural messages to release fat molecules do not get executed because they do not get through .
Neurons through fat are longer and lower on the priority list for repair . They are thus more vulnerable to acrylamide.)

The procedure:
( see “Human Hair” and other articles .)
Use a dedicated or sterilized hair brush .

1. Gently pummel the cellulite area with the back of the brush to stimulate blood and lymph flow .

2. Generate a pulse of energy (high ATP concentration) by drinking a cup of coffee with glucose between meals . The idea is to get a high pulse of energy and nerve stimulation . The pulse of energy is to get over the high threshold of cellulite release . The caffeine is to stimulate the nervous system to activate the body-image in the affected areas .

3. Indent the skin gently with the bristles and pull gently to one side until you can feel it . Repeat over the desired area .
Repeat the brush action 3 times in 15 minutes . The reason is the activation period of long-term memory in neurons . Remember , you are trying to change the body image . Leave a gap of at least 2 hours between repeats .

4. Monitoring: It will take at least 2 weeks for any difference to show . This pace will   not be noticeable if you watch it continuously . Take photos every week and compare after about a month .
5. Avoid adding to the cellulite by eschewing foods high in hydrogenated fats (read the labels) , or acrylamides (eg chips ,cookies,any browned foods )
( see )

6. Take ATP enhancers : curcumin (a nice curry once a week) and a good multivitamin and multimineral . Alpha Lipoic Acid is a good repairer of nerves damaged by acrylamide .

7 . Avoid mirrors for two months .

8. If this does not work , avoid mirrors , period .

9. Possible side-effects : Loose stools as the fats are excreted . The body might unlock the cellulite fats , but probably will not use them . The liver and kidneys will also be under extra stress , so drink enough water . Liver adjuvents might be a good idea . Exercise in moderation should not matter .


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