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A General Vaccine Ad

A General Vaccine Adjuvent.

Andre Willers
8 Mar 2007


A method of increasing any Vaccine effectiveness by a factor of at least 300% .


The evening before administering the vaccine , give the patient at least 7-8 gm of buffered VitaminC  . In the morning , give at least 3 gm of MSM , a good general multivitamin and a good general multimineral . Just before the vaccine , give glucose .

The Rationale :

At least 80% of the immune system is clustered around the gut . It is clustered because various control systems keep it there to counter the challenge from various bacteria , viruses and poisens arising from external and internal organisms in the gut .

See    “HIV and the Guts”

VitC at this concentration acts as an antibiotic , killing the gut bacteria (hence the diarrhea) . This also lessens the assault on the immune system , releasing the Immune System Assets for use elsewhere in the body .
(This is an old immune response evolved during the monkey , ape eras . Plants evolved VitC as a preservative for their seeds .)

A look at the numbers reveals the effectiveness of this approach:

Immune system:
Before VitC  : 80 % gut , 20 % for the rest
After VitC :    40 % gut , 60 % for the rest

In other words , even a 50% decrease in the assault from the gut means a 300% increase in the availability of Immune system to the rest of the body .

A new threat presentation from the vaccine will require new protein and scaffolding  synthesis . So material and energy will be required . This will happen faster if an extra pulse of material and energy is supplied . Hence the food and energy supply . Do not leave out the Sulfur supply , as this is essential for the antibody structures .

Immune System Scanning

As you must have noticed from the above , this is very similar to the Linus Pauling proposals . It works well if the immune system can recognize the target .
Even viral diseases like flu can succumb if the immune system suddenly pulses 300%+
But there is a gray area : the immune system identifies and marks some threats as below some threshold , but because it does not have the resources to handle it  , it is ignored  for the moment . Once resources are available , it is handled .

In essence , a fluctuating immune system is necessary to identify threats which are low in short term but big in long term .

Hence the human propensity of ingesting poisens of various degrees . ( eg alcohol , vitC fruits ,  hot or cold liquids , caffeine , coacoa , chocolate , curries , spices etc .)

These all vary the bacterial load in the gut , and hence the availability of immune system resources to the rest of the system .

This is Immune System Scanning .

The rate of scanning .
This is really interesting .
Humans are obligate hunters because of deficiencies in synthesizing some vitamins and amino acids .

The obligate period is about one week , hence the break . (The Sunday Meal : the only time they get certain proteins . The Tradition has lasted thousands of years , since it is based on a physiological necessity . )

If they don’t get their amino acid fix, not only do they become sickly , but the epigenetic effect lasts at least two generations . (Cf extremely poor physical physical condition of conscripts in WWI in England)

Hence the reputation of chicken soup . Eat rotten veggies all week , and your immune system will also class middling threats as by-passes , but a meal of chicken soup , rich in amino acids , will suddenly broaden the scope and effectiveness of the immune system .

An interesting fact is that chicken is the only meat not banned by some religion  or other . This is well documented in Phaoronic reliefs  . The masters of the universe scrambled after some scrawny birds in the marshes . Ditto everywhere else . One wonders if it was not a dietary requirement fixated after the time of the dinosaurs , when birds were kings .

This makes one wonder : which came first ? The chicken or the grain .

Theories of the origin of agriculture vary from beer to bread , but what about chickens?

If chickens were the first , then their domestication will necessitate feeding . Anybody who has ever fed chickens , will know that they are suckers for seeds . Selecting and sowing bigger seeds follows . This is typically what women will do . It also fits the proximal reward model : it takes small steps from the start to proceed . Not much capital either . (A bored woman , a pet bird and a hand of grass seeds) .

You can trace the other animal and plant domestications yourself .

Birdflu refers:

“Those who live by the egg will die by the egg .”


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