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Metamaterials in hum

Metamaterials in human beings.

Andre Willers
4 Mar 2007
See    “Primitives_0”  ,  as well as “Itarin”

Background :

Metamaterials are groups of atoms or molecules that act like single atoms or molecules with properties which are novel . (Google , wikipedia , Scientific American , etc)

The best known are the microwave metamaterials which have a negative refractive index (the first ones theorized and constructed) .

This enables definition at a measure smaller than the wavelength of the infalling radiation . This was long considered theoretically impossible . Now they are demonstrating invisibility suits (at least at the microwave level ) , and other goodies based on this principle .

In other words , its hot and sexy !

But needless to say , mother Nature got there first .

The economy of fine definition at minimum cost is an extremely strong attractor to evolutionary systems .

All metamaterials are virtual by definition .
ie Ten atoms of carbon in a specific configuration act like one atom of imaginium .
The information being processed is real , the rest is virtual . Of course , if the imaginium’s components are real , then speeds are much higher , and quantum effects are possible .

But the essence is:
Ordered groups of information processors can give results literally impossible to their components . This is not theory , but hardware .

Visual systems are the easiest for us to understand .

The visual system forms layers of metamaterials . Even if the distance between retina cells are (say ) 10 000 angstroms , the metamaterial processing can make the definition  as if only (say) 10 angstroms separate the cells .

The same trick is used throughout the body .

Skin sensitivity is another example . The brain does not extrapolate . It uses an gestalt of nearby impressions to form a remarkably accurate virtual impression .

Acidity in the stomach , sugar levels , hormone levels , immune system etc . The body gets by with remarkably few sensors .

It has a price , though .

The price is training .

A virtual metamaterial (like the human visual system , immune system) can only be partially hardwired . There is not enough information capacity in the bio-system to handle all permutations . The efficiency of the metamaterial might be improved ( eg language centers , counting centers , mirror neurons , etc) .

Integration and generation of proximal reward systems remain a major problem .
see  “ The Religious Experience and Proximal rewards” .

Advantageous development of trained metamaterial centers might be incorporated into the DNA quicker than normal evolutionary pressures ( a form of epigenesis) , but I know of no such evidence . Culture will inhibit such developments . Except of course , for non-cultural or anti-cultural pressures .  The selection for mild Aspergers  indicate that there is a tendency for at least a bifurcate split in the species .

Training metamaterials:
The plasticity of the brain/body means that you can train groups of cells to act as metamaterial atoms/molecules , with properties that the individual elements do not have .

We have already seen that this is used extensively by the body .

Now , we must see how we can extend on it .

Itarin is a visual trainer that creates metamaterial effects .
Itarin is an adequate neural network visual trainer , because it works better at older ages as it trains metamaterial “atoms” in the visual field by  the fluctuating balls . I originally put them in to draw attention to the flash of the character in their center , but their effect has been to create metamaterial neurons .

I was puzzled why Itarin worked better for me when training while wearing glasses . The answer , of course , is that the metamaterial effect overshadows the ordinary neural training effect .

Sports and Varsity .
Practise creates metamaterial effects by definition , whether the practise is real or virtual . A variant of Itarin will have you playing like a pro and praying like a Christian .

Most of the body’s sensory systems work via metamaterial effects . We have known intervention systems like Itarin . Training metamaterial effects for various body systems have ranged from too broad (Coue) to too narrow (begone , damned bug!)

This capability is normally defined as the ability to “see” patterns (ie delineated differences , for which a fine definition is required) . Note that metamaterial effects gives the brain a finer definition with the same number of neurons .

While Itarin was not designed for this , it could be adapted . It should have some effect , in any case , due to the metamaterial effects in the cortical and immediate sub-cortical areas .

Unused capability.

Most humans have the conceit that they only us about 10 % of their brain capacity . Extra , unused capacity in the brain (which consumes about 25 % of the body’s energy) , simply did not happen . (Evolutionary reasons)

What did happen , if you understood the above argument , is that inefficient utilization of the brain’s resources ( even using hardwired metamaterial effects ) uses up nearly all of it’s capability .

It is like driving a Ferrari in first gear at full throttle . With a broken steering wheel .
Everything is going at full blast . There is nothing unused.

From an evolutionary viewpoint , it is easy to see why . Some few hardwired systems like elementary vision , speech , counting ,etc at a most elementary level evolve . (The primitive elements) . The rest is catch-as-catch can . Now and then , the cultural component evolves a more efficient utilization . This frees up some neurons for keeping up with the Jones’. And so it goes .

The glitterati wonders what Jones wore , the literati wonders what he said or wrote , and the priesthood wonders why they care .

The amusing thing is that while there is no unused capacity in the present westerner’s brain , a slight rearrangement of the organization of the brain brought about by  cultural elements can cascade into a significantly more efficient use of their neurons . It is like an oversaturated solution . It crystalises very , very quickly , releasing a lot of energy .

The cascade:
This is usually known as a religious experience . It has happened before in history .

When the system is overstretched (like now) , a sudden release of resources in the brain due to a more efficient utilization (ie metamaterial effects) does not release the stress . Instead , it goes “boing” into the neighbouring brain areas , stimulating similar similar eruptions throughout the system .

Cultural laser , anyone ?

It is a major source of disappointment to the Author that the last thousand years has led to a massive population increase without any change in hierarchical dispositions .

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