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Adiabatic Quantum Computing (AQC)

Adiabatic Quantum Computing (AQC)
Andre Willers
8 Mar 2009

Get used to the term . It is going to crop up everywhere .

See "Financial Crisis:31 Jan 2009" dated 1 Feb 2009
"I thought Turing AI's would happen at about 2010 , concomitant with immune system developments. There seems to have been some developments on the quantum-computing field which has not surfaced yet except for these ripple effects"

The hardware :
These developments are actual hardware quantum computing chips manufactured by D-Wave Systems in Burnaby , British Columbia ,Canada .
See NewScientist 21 Feb 2009 p20 "Most powerful ever quantum computing chip in tests." I had not seen this article at the time , but the ripple effects were showing .

They have already made a 28 qbit chip , and is testing a prototype of a 128 qbit chip . These are greatly in advance of other publicly known capabilities.

For example , a 128 qbit chip makes any RSH encryption insecure . The factorization can be done easily using Shor's algorithm .

This means all your banking , financial or internet so-called "secure" (ie the padlock in the bottom right-hand corner) transactions are no longer secure .

How does it work?
The theory :
The explanations revel in a welter in in-group terms . This is to hide the thing that physicists hate : the process works by violating the Second Law of Thermodynamics (or bending it till it squeaks.) .

AQC was formulated in 1928 by Max Born and Vladimir Fock .

"Adiabatic" means there is no nett energy exchange between the parts of a system . "Quantum" means that the energy can only change in abrupt jumps .
So , if you keep the energy of the whole system below the quantum to the next level , the parts of it can be kept from de-coherence .
Like a bubble in a carpet . As long as you can keep it from escaping at the edges , it can do computations .

The edges are the boundary conditions .
The system needs to be set up by a Beth(>1) system . Human or better , since it at present has no logic gates . A human or better has to be in the loop .
See "Financial Crisis:31 Jan 2009 et al"
Also the importance of boundary conditions in any probability calculation ..

These are not idle philosophical speculations , but the limitations of the present hardware .

But even with those limitations , (or maybe because of them) , a 128 qbit chip is on the order of major computing platforms .

Combined with a mind-computer interface , it will be rather awesome .

And this is just for starters .
But notice the human in the loop . This is not just the technology , but inherent in the theory of AQC .

AQC like an old style calculator , but one that operates in an infinity of dimensions .

That is why we can discern it's ripple effects . Everybody in the know is doing their best to beg , borrow or steal one . They can understand and use it , without the danger of a runaway singularity .
Those without one know they are in danger of being pre-empted .

I want one too. Pretty please ?


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