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Human Singularities and Puberty .

Human Singularities and Puberty .
Andre Willers
3 Mar 2009

Synopsis :
The paring of neuronal-networks following the singularities of growth-spurts during babyhood and start of puberty defines the nature of the entity .
This has relevance to the near general singularity .
Two sexes decreases the number of iterations to achieve singularity very significantly.

Discussion :
Humans have at least two episodes of explosive neuron-connectivity growth : at babyhood , then at puberty . During these episodes , the whole neuronal-network gets rewired .
Then , it gets pared : the least-used elements gets re-absorbed , but in a non-linear fashion .

What is nifty about this, is that the puberty singularity can build on the framework of the baby Singularity-paring . Memes are substituted for genes , with superior learning capability . (Ie paring like for languages is done via memes) . Beats gene-instincts .

This works fine , except that at puberty the system has a will of its own regarding what is to be pruned .

General :
Each human singularity can be broken down into two functional elements .
1.The explosive growth of neuron connections . Very fast .
2.This is intertwined with the paring mechanism .
Unused or unwanted neuron pathways are absorbed .
And how does the network know this ? Neural transmitters like serotonin , dopamine , et al .

By age of puberty , clumps of mirror-neurons have evolved . They can keep on existing if they can generate pulses of aha-neurotransmitters .

Elementary evolution : the ones that do this , keep on existing .

The kicker comes when the paring mechanisms get into gear . The paring mechanism is not just passive : it is active . This is another way of saying that the paring effect is non-linear . The post-pubertal (more exactly , the post pubertal singularity ) paring mechanism determines the nature of the resulting intelligence .

Low-serotonin , low-dopamine brains are generally more intelligent , as these molecules are re-absorbed too rapidly at the synapse level . But the aha-kickers from the mirror-neuron complexes keep them alive as entities . Things learned before .

This is getting too complicated to do properly in English .

The crucial phase in the precious little sprout is the post-puberty , paring stage .
The mechanism nature usually uses is responsibility (use of mirror-networks for the one to whom fellow-feeling is due) . The others are pared , with concomitant loss of intelligence .
Hence the emphasis on lack of responsibility in university days . The hope is that the little monsters might remain smart enough to make some money for the family .

They should start a little bit earlier .

Games :
The mechanism that has evolved to beat this . Semi-responsibility .
The Fan .The Collector . The Enthusiast .
Also called neotenism .

So , if you want a smart brat , the method is obvious . The general increase in IQ measurement follows . (The post-pubertal paring follows a random walk based on the baby-paring.)
Also called the Flynn effect . The increase is 3 IQ points per decade since 1918 . A random-walk effect .

The General Singularity .
We see that humans have a deep visceral and neuronal understanding of singularities , since each one went through at least two .

But since each one was accompanied by paring process , we have to ask :
What will be the paring in the two different run-ups to the singularity ?
Is there Reserve type mechanism operating?
Looking at the general Reserve Argument (see http://andreswhy.blogspot.com "Newtools: reserve") , only 1/3 will make it through . The rest will be pared (ie fail to make the singularity.).

Iteration .
From the general iteration , we expect everyone to make it through eventually (but infinity can be a very long time.)
This would be true if the two processes are independent .
But if they are interdependent , the number of iterations is decreased factorially .

Why does puberty play such an important role in Singularity(2) ?

Answer :
Because having two sexes decreases the number of iterations to the singularity dramatically . This ties in with the two routes to Singularity sketched before (Facebookism(Feminine) and hardware(male) )

But why ?

Even for ordinary genetic fitness two sexes are superior to one sex .

The reason is the truncation of the bottom-parts of the random curves . In the connected pair M-F , if one hits a negative , it tells the other to avoid it . The net result is superior to both and can be calculated .
It is an inflation of the random-radius from the center far beyond expected from beth(0) random-walk .

Sex is a Beth(1) technology !
Probability is steered .
This is a surprise .
Note the communication element .
Just having two bits of something is not sufficient . They have to communicate at a very basic level .

This means that two quantum-linked particles will not act as the sum of its parts . But this contradicts the basis of physics , that field-effects can be summated for each particle separately .

Or to put it another way , macro-quantum pairs of particles can be created .
At any size .

It also means that the universe has to inflate at faster than random walk if it has quantum-linked particles . This has direct relevance to worm-hole openings . If you inflate the wormhole-opening with connected particles , it will inflate it without needing exotic matter . Much easier .

You can also calculate the netto number of wormhole-pairs by looking at the expansion of the universe . It should expand at a random-walk rate . Any discrepancy means deliberate distortion by entities using it for transport .

But we have to take warfare into account . Destroying one of a matched pair of wormhole-singularities can release an annoying amount of undirected energy . So they simply projected one wormhole-mouth past the boundary of the light-horizon of the universe . This leaves an unmatched inflator . Let the later generations worry about the inflation of the universe . Sounds familiar ?

Sum over all the galaxies over the last 13 billion years in this rather small universe and you can work out the probabilities yourself .

And puberty ?
Getting laid is a bit of a problem if you take the last 13 billion years in this universe , plus other universes , plus your parents and her parents into account . And you still have to ask her .

A sense of priorities is important .


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