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Terraforming Venus .

Terraforming Venus .
Andre Willers
10 Mar 2009

Synopsis :
We create terran-habitable layers in the Venusian atmosphere by adding gas-masses via cometary impacts and pay for it by mining rare elements from the core , all within decades .

Discussion :

Constraints :

1.Time .
Two or three decades at the most .
2.Only known technology and science allowed .

This rules out decreasing Venus's mass (getting rid of the surplus atmosphere) and bioforming the remains . Or changing its orbit . This will take too long .

But we can certainly increase the atmosphere by the simple expedient of steering gas-and water rich objects like comets .

The latest theories of planetary formation indicate strongly that the inner of two Venus-Earth pairs condensing out of the primordial ring will be much richer in certain heavy metals and objects . Gold is one . Uranics and transuranics another .
Black holes .

The Lady might really have a heart of gold (or at least a fond spot for it.)
And she is a very hot-hearted dame .

Cosmic string factory .
Three or more mini-blackholes can form stable orbital configurations inside an object like Venus , where radiation pressure offsets infalling mass enough prevent runaway , and infalling mass compensates for Hawking black-hole evaporation .
It needs to be fairly critical in terms of radioactives .

The envelopes of the event-horizons of the black-holes would be stretched in the direction of orbit , till eventually they merge to form a cosmic string . The magnetic field-lines would be twisted tightly around the orbital path , subsuming the normal magnetic effects of a metal core . There would be fierce magnetic and gravitational effects close to the orbital path of the black-holes (ie nascent cosmic string)

Mining by stimulated core eruptions
As can be deduced from the above , Venus has a much more radioactive and energetic core than Earth . It acted as a lightning conductor for Earth , soaking up fissionables which would have rendered Earth uninhabitable .Which is why they are described as a pair in planetary formation , even though they are in different orbits .

A yummy packet of goodies .

Venus has been paved over many times by core eruptions . This has been shown by various exploratory probes and fly-bys .
But we do not want to dig down through kilometers of ejecta to get to paydirt .

So , zap it with a fast projectile (like a meteor or comet head) , but make sure to stay away from any black-hole orbits . The subsequent eruption can be harvested .

But we need a place to stay for miners , tourists and settlers .

By using comets , we add lots of volatiles to increase the atmosphere . The pressure effects means that shells in the atmosphere stabilizes within months (not even years) at the temperature and pressure values suitable for humans .

Very broad bands . Hundreds of kilometers deep .

These stabilize very quickly (months , not years) because of the pressure (exponential to the fifth power effects) . Smothering .

Humans would stay in floating habitats , mining the surface eruptions .
Breathable oxygen atmosphere can be manufactured initially by well-known techniques , or by nano methods .
Seeding by bio-engineered organisms can result in a habitable shell hundreds of kilometers thick .

Much , much bigger than Earth's bio-shell . With a fascinating range of adaptive ranges .

Stability :
We are basically constructing a sub-Saturn object . The physics of this has been reasonably well-worked out . Human friendly shells will stay stable for millions of years , regardless of impacts on the planetary surface . (This is due to the high pressure) .
As long as the monkeys can keep their fingers out of the nascent cosmic-string machinery .

One effect is unavoidable :
The increase in pressure and temperature at the surface .
If there is a nascent cosmic string , this will disturb the balance , probably hastening it's formation .
If it is somebody's vegetable patch , somebody will come investigating . Entities that can manipulate time and space on this scale (actually , not very great) , can cause a few problems . But they might just be breeding nascent beings like humans .

A fascinating bio-shell .
Think in terms of ranges .
Pumice-like bodies from the ejecta will float in the dense atmosphere at various heights . Life-forms will adapt and colonise .

Exotic matter churned up by the passage of the nascent cosmic-string bodies will combine with ordinary matter in very strange ways .

Matter with anti-gravity properties .
Imagine if parts of your PNA , RNA , DNA is made out of dark matter ?
Or negative energy exotic matter .
A libido made of tachyonic particles (though most women would say that this is already the case with teenage men .)
Mitochondria that can tap the quantum foam for energy .
On and on it goes .

Is the human singularity and the formation of the Venusian cosmic string supposed to coincide in a cosmic learning experience for both ?

Yes , unequivocably .

Humans better get move on .
The human singularity is projected at 2030 (21 years on ) .
Unless moderated , the merger of the black holes inside Venus to form a cosmic string will release energies in the Beth(0) universe that will rip this corner of the universe apart .

The holographic universe , blackholes and humans .
See articles in Scientific American , NewScientist or Google it . Information stored on the boundary of a singularity (like a black hole or the universe) , encodes all the information inside it.
It is moot which is the mirror .

Sigh .

One would think that this means that the information encoded on the boundary of our present universe is smarter than it’s components .
Alas , it does not mean that the groups of informations inside it is in intra- communication .

This means that humans can (and are) encoded on the boundary of our present universe . They are pari-passu with important characteristics on the children of the universe (black holes) . The information encoded on the surfaces of black holes are qualitively the same as for human entities .

The Nursery .
So , the Earth-Venus pair is actually a human-blackhole nursery .
Probably one of many .

The Social life of Blackholes .
Rather limited .
Hence the evolution of subsets in the parent set (Universe) which are equivalent to the set (ie Humans) .

The theory that universes are blackholes that have evolved to reproduce more black holes is well known . But it has not been taken to it's logical conclusion .

Think of it as a system encoding all the information inside it . It has evolved entities equivalent to itself inside itself to teach its children blackholes how to merge without destruction of information .
Think of humans or other races as mirror-neuron networks in the universe .

And what is the merger ? The formation of branes .
Three blackholes is the minimum for reasons described in previous posts to form a stable brane . Five is better . Klemperer rosettes are favourites .

The real transhuman .
A boy and his blackhole .
A blackhole and its friends .

The children can be any age , sex or race (completely immaterial) .
The mergers of the blackholes into branes drags the children along . They transcend .

And , of course , the parent universe is part of a brane . Hence , it can keep a multi-dimensional eye on things . Exactly like a mother with a bunch of brats . (I mean exactly . The analogy is near-perfect , because humans are a equivalent set of the non-brane universe.)

And no , I am not anthropomorphizing . It is the other way around .
We are like the universe . And the branes connecting it to other universes .

Near a Singularity , the universe (and nearby branes) cluck around like hens . It is critical point . Probabilities get warped and twisted . Asteroids miss by hair's breadth . Wars don’t start . Tyrants surrender with no cause . You get the drift .

Why should they worry ? They know the future . Well , if you don't turn the page , you cannot read on . The action is necessary .

Stay-behinds .
From the universe's viewpoint , the problem blackholes are ones that cannot or most usually , don't want to connect to form branes .

The natural state of a blackhole is autistic . As we near the singularity , the human-blackhole interaction increases and human autism increases as blackholes become more social . I must caution against taking this too literally .

In a sense , humans are the mirror-network to teach blackholes sociability so they can join branes . In the process they drag humans along .

1.Some just become individualistic for the hell of it . Spin themselves into doughnuts , pretzels or more exotic multi-dimensional shapes . You know , artists . These are indulged . This is why variety exists , after all .
2.Serious sanctions involves restricting information flow from parent universe's holographic edge . Ie isolation .
3.Really serious cases can involve destruction .

Human stay behinds would be associated with one of these three .

To avoid them :
Be true . Be nice .

You don't have to smile , but don't sneer .

Andre .

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