Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gold Licks : Update

Gold Licks : Update
Andre Willers .
18 Mar 2009

See "Gold Licks"
In which a fundamental biochemical role for gold nano-particles is deduced .

See NewScientist of 28 Feb 2009 p20 , in which experimental evidence for this is described by Chad Mirkin and his team at Northwestern University in Evanston , Illinois .

Briefly , gold-nanoparticles 13 nm across are used to penetrate the human cell wall with 99% success within 6 hours , an astounding success rate , with no side-effects . The cell-wall penetration mechanism is unknown at present , but it strongly suggests an old , existing pathway .

The gold-nanoparticle is attached to up to 30 siRNA molecules , which switches or modifies the expression of DNA inside the cell .
(siRNA stands for "short interfering RNA" , about 30 short stretches of RNA)

Interestingly , siRNA's attached on the gold-nanoparticle can last for days instead of minutes outside the cell . So , the gold-nanoparticle can ferry epigenetic switches from cell-to-cell , even across the mammalian womb-barrier .

Now you see why roughening that old gold wedding ring on the inside is so important.

The gold addiction mechanism .
siRNA sequences silencing the serotonin and dopamine re-uptake genes are ferried by gold-nanoparticles .

Gold is nature's prozac .

Gold nano-particle spin and mitochondria .
We can tack on electromagnetic siRNAhandles on to a Gold nano-particle , as well as siRNA clips that lock on to the rotor of mitochondria . By using well-known focused EMF techniques , we can speed up or decrease mitochondrial rotor-spin from outside (ie change ATP production ) .
This has obvious applications . Cancer , disease , athletes , etc .

The next Big Thing .
See NewScientist of 28 Feb 2009 p18 " Projector Phones" : Texas Instruments and Samsung has shrunk a video projector to the size of a raisin .
The latest generation gives DVD resolution using Digital Light Processing chips . This is a chip that has thousands of electromechanical mirrors , each which represents a pixel .
In the projector , the EM (ie light) waves diverge to give a large image .
But , they can equally be programmed to converge .
This can exert a spin or de-spin force or retinal virtual fields can be stimulated .
Tera-frequencies can be emulated via interference effects (ie x-ray vision) .

The inverse receiver chip can collect data from the sender chip in a feedback-loop .
This is the Startrek medical scanner and effector .

This would be ideal for Adiabatic Quantum Computing systems .
See " Adiabatic Quantum Computing"

Thar's gold in them thar molehills .


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