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Brown Fat , Obesity and Click .

Brown Fat , Obesity and Click .

Andre Willers .

9 Sep 2009.

Synopsis :

Brown fat and the concomitant nerve and bloodflow clusters is a major component of the hoemeostatic and energy controlling mechanism .

This can be manipulated .

Discussion :

See New Scientist 15 Aug 2009 p38 .

The mitochondria in brown fat is associated with protein called thermogenin , that turns the ATP produced into heat . This is evolutionary linked with the development of muscles and homeostasis . A sort of intra-cellular shivering . (Note that babies cannot shiver) .

Babies have large brown fat deposits around the neck an back and kidneys .

Adults have some spots around the hollows between the arm bones and shoulder bones (the clavicle) . A spot above the heart . At the back of the spine above the heart . Kidneys .

Why ?

Peripheral temperature sensors are at the back of the knees and elbows .

Critical body-core temperature sensors would be near the critical organs . These systems would be semi-autonomous . They not only regulate heat generated by the brown-fat cells , but also stimulate production of new brown-fat cells from stem-cells.

They are also very fast .

Brown-fat cells generate about 500 cal/day from 50g of tissue . The mitochondria use any fuel , but mostly fats . Hence Atkins .A low carb diet concentrates on fats .

A high-carbohydrate diet will result in a shiver-response to control temperature . Brown-fat deposits decrease .

The figures Persons with brown fat : from "Diabetes" vol 58 , p803.

50 % (ages 23-36)

8% (ages 38-65)

Baths vs Showers .

Why women prefer baths . It keeps them slimmer .

Or sitz-baden .

There is always a temperature differential between the clavicle and the body in these baths . This stimulates brown-fat formation .

The same can be achieved in a shower if the spray is kept below clavicle height , or a mask over the clavicles is worn .

Such mask is obviously not very practical with females . But a low-cut back is nearly as good .

Togas .

The same effect can be seen in classical Greek , Roman or Egyptian clothing . Keeping one or both clavicles bare , maintained a temperature differential that stimulated brown-fat stem-cell formation .

Do not try this on eating-disorders without medical supervision .

Time needed .

Incredibly short .

This is a real-time , fast reaction resetting of some epigenetic constants .

Ten minutes per 28 days is sufficient . (Lunar month) .

See previous posts on long-term potentiating in nerve cells .

You will need to mop up free-radicals generated by the process .

It sounds easy , but it can kill you stone dead . That is a certain weight loss .

So be careful .

How to do it :

My first inclination is to bar anybody drunk , hungover , with metabolic disorders, with mental or brain disorders . But this will leave nobody (maybe a lost and wandering herrenvolk .) So try it , and take your chances.

Shower :

Put a small towel around your shoulders (insulation) , cut a hole in a plastic bag and put it around your shoulders (keeps water out.) . Make the water as hot as you can stand it for about 10 minutes .

If you die , too bad .

If not , repeat once a month .

Click .

Use click as described in "Death of an Ur-Language" et al

The internal click not only activates brown fat formation . In the presence of chickenfat , it activates fusion processes . Brown fat is a fusion process .


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