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Super Athlete .

Super Athlete .

Andre Willers .

18 Sep 2009


Performance and control is enhanced by substituting some neural elements in feedback loops by faster pressure waves (factor of 10) , sound waves (factor of 3) or electronically (nearly infinite-same as visual) .

Synapse systems are used as interface between neural-nets and memristors .

Discussion :

See "Memristors , bloodpressure and Click" and other relevant posts and publications .

Method :

This is a very large field that diverges rapidly .

Instead , I will discuss specific subjects and handle things as they come .

1. Running :

"Come and do the locomotion with me ." Popular 20th Century song .

The quintessential multicellular activity .

Mobility (culminating in flying) is the major fight-or-flight system .

It requires a fine co-ordination of reserves , nutrient and effluent transport systems and draw-downs .

This co-ordination is significantly enhanced by feedback systems which are faster than the neural systems . The synapses of neurons in various control nexi are very sensitive to pressure waves (the density of neurotransmitters in the synapse is a non-linear function of the density of the medium )

But synapses are also the controlling element in the neural-network of the body-mind.

They thus serve as a direct interface between pressure waves (Memristors) (called Click for convenience) and the standard neural network architecture .

Notice that these are not in conflict , but are reinforcing .

Things are learned by training both systems .

But what does this mean to the human runner ?

1. Bones .

Compression waves from the feet govern bone formation (known fact.)

So this whole discussion would be essential for free-fall systems . Space flight .

2. Auto-diagnosis :

Faster and wider spread pressure waves from the feet show areas of muscles and blood vessels under stress to trained neurons further up the trunk . The returning signals via the neural system , co-ordinated with the time-delayed up-going neural messages and CNS brain messages trigger only the systems in good shape (the well-known fatigue factor) .

This is a well-used diagnosis method : percussion tapping on the thorax , Chinese system also uses pulses on the extremities .

3. Metabolism .

The metabolism (mainly mitochondria and transport) adjusts on a very local level .

It is intriguing to speculate that some metabolic energy disorders (like Diabetes II) are actually localized disorders that merge and grow because of lack of co-ordination . What co-ordination there is , is Memristor . This only makes it grow . It would also be associated with high bloodpressure (another major memristor) .

A diminished learning wave feedback from the extremities .

4. Click , DiabetesII and Super-runner .

Note that DiabetesII and Super-runner has the same problem : to co-ordinate local pockets of energy transport , usage and effluent disposal more efficiently .

We can do this by adding a faster pressure wave to the part of the loop to the feet : Click . The percussion effects gets summated in the synapses there and on return .

5. How long does it take ?

See previous posts .

The neural network long-term potentiation is about ten (10) minutes .

I do not know for the Memristor elements , as the useless Medical Establishment is more concerned about bean-counting than essential knowledge . But I would estimate that it would depend heavily on whether epigenetic (ie phene) systems are involved . Something like the Brown Fat system (see "Brownfat , obesity and click") would be quick , but something not involving temperature could be very slow .

But notice the direct interface between synapses and memristors . It works both ways . Imagining things can have memristor effects . Well known in sports .

Or blood pressure control . DiabetesII ?

6. A Beautiful Prediction :

If click has an evolutionary advantage , muscles and sinews would make very faint clicks (pressure waves as sticky bonds break or reform) that can be detected by synapses .

7. And that is why athletes stretch and limber up . It does not add to performance in isolation , but prepares the whole system via the clicks .

This can be enhanced by deliberately clicking by the tongue , or mechanical systems .

The sticky bonds breaking or reforming releases very short bursts of x-rays , which lead to hot-neutrons .

Heavy workouts will lead to systemic-cutouts as the system protects itself (fatigue) . Take chicken fat as discussed . But don't overdo it .

8. Shoes

Most modern running shoes (or shoes in general) removes the percussion effect . This has obvious effects on performance , but not so obvious effects from long-term metabolic disorders like DiabetesII . The curve of DiabetesII incidence would fit perfectly onto the curve of populations wearing shoes all the time .

This can easily be remedified .

A loose flap on the sides can percuss with every stride , or fancier soles can be used . It does not take much , as the relevant systems have evolved to be quite sensitive .

If you are diabetic , or want to be an athlete , never wear soft sloffies .

Even wood (ie Dutch klompe) is too elastic for training purposes .

Note sandals used in Kung Fu or Karate Do .

9 Mechanical Systems.

Wii Exercise with a bubble wrap on the foot surface would be the best .

See previous posts on music .

As good or better , a Bluetooth mike giving a pressure stimulus to the lower legs at every breath or click .

The loop is at light speed . Train the neural networks . As noted , about 10 mins per 28 days .

Just about anything will work , as long as it is faster than pressure waves and there is enough consistency that synapses can learn .

Bloodpressure and bloodsugar should follow similar rules .

10 . Caffeine and Click .

Caffeine is a dendritic accelerator . Walking for 10 minutes with Click after a hefty dose of coffee with hard , percussion shoes will significantly enhance athletic performance or blood sugar levels . Remember those old studded shoes ? Like Roman sandals . Mountain climbers .

Not to mention horses . I always wondered why horses needed to be shod . Their performance in the wild seemed adequate . Only if extra performance and endurance was required , were they shod . One wonders if the lack of shoes led to the lack of war-llamas ? Will sheep or goats be more productive if they were shod ? Almost certainly .

It would be amusing if a large part of the success of the Roman Legions was due to their inelastic , studded boots .

2. Pain .

Why is pain 200 times slower than other nerve impulses ?

The answer is that for the Group Organism it is actually faster . Parts of the feedback loop (sound) is faster than nerve impulses by 3.4 .

The Sentinal Response .

Pain or loss is only registered if a Sentinal gives the go-ahead . This is intimately linked to pack dominance . About 5 members of the pack are designated as Sentinals . They are supposed to monitor the 360 degree perimeter . This gives 360/5=72 degree angle of human or monkey vision . A very old system .

The minimum necessary sufficient pack size is then 5x4(females, youths,old age)= 20 on a two dimensional surface . On three dimensional(3 dim angle is 2*2pi) it is 2x40=80 . Times two for sleepies and other activities , it gives about 160 for the minimum necessary sufficient size of a pack group . This gives roughly the minimum sizes of homonin pack behaviour . Confirmed by experiment .

Except for the Sentinal response . (Called Leadership) 5/160 ~3% . About on par for humans . All based on the width of the eyes .

To get back to pain : for a pack organism it was contra-productive to react faster than the pack . Pain was only recognized if a Sentinal OK'd it .

Can you see where this is going ?

Humans are pack animals even down to the levels of reacting to individual damage .

Now can you see why Sentinals are built in ?

Fashion ?

The system will throw up at least 5 fashionistas or leaders , regardless of the circumstances .It lessens the pain . Quite literally . Ask Elvis .


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