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Death of an Ur-Language.

Death of an Ur-Language.

Andre Willers

9 sep 2009


Click ur-language died out because school was too long .

Discussion :

The fundamental problem :

Click is both a language (ie intra-human communication) and perception modality .

Perception Modality :

The sonar returns of clicks had a one-to-one correspondence with reality . But this took a long time to learn . Reality has many things to learn , plus the correlation between visual and click systems .

Low abstraction .

Abstraction is usually a function of intra-human communication , not human-reality interaction .

Low child rate .

This follows , because it simply took a long time to train a child to become "human" , ie pass the humanity tests .

The tests were to Communicate , survive on his own , put group interests above personal interests . These were tested for , using Click language . Rites of passage .

What happened :

The hidden assumption was that Intra-human communication and Reality perception were linked , both being Click–orientated .

The invention of sustainable agriculture (note sustainable , ie climate stabilization) broke this hidden assumption .

It made large populations possible . But long childhoods with personal tuition ?

Humans farmed off the newest children onto the oldest capable children to do the minimum necessary rearing .

Sounds familiar ? Iterate this for a few generations and you have peasants with surpluses . And we are off to the civilization races .

Click-languages vanished in the process . They survived only as Holy Languages for elites with access to surpluses .

The remaining human-human click languages evolved as degenerate click-languages .

Endings , agglutinative , tonal or combinations therof .

Amusing :

Written forms evolved very early (see previous posts on cave paintings) . But they have not even been recognized as writing . Though Chinese ideograms or some Egyptian hieroglyphs could be seen as click encapsulations .

Ditto for Sumerian incisions .

Ditto for Peruvian quipu's.

Really amusing :

As humans become older , they lose their aural discrimination faster than ocular discrimination .

There is a severe auricular limit on aural perception .

You can see well for longer into old age than you can hear . This finally drove the click language into oblivion .

(Aural frequency discrimination starts to degenerate after age 25 , ocular after age 45)

So they threw out the baby with the bathwater .

Can the useful bits be resurrected ?

Some pieces survived . Chi (!xi) . Yoga(!xo!xa) . As elitest remnants .

Can we revive the Ur-Click ?

No problem . At least two complementary or el-cheapo singular pathways are known .

1.GPS (the smarts is in the map) . It can be easily adapted into a translation map .

2.Existing tracking maps for bushmen .

Why should we revive it ?

The benefits .

Humans might have been a tad overhasty in rejecting Click-languages . Abstract languages might be fashionable , but there is something to be said for a language that controls and monitors internal physiological processes .

The major problem would be the long time it takes to learn it .

But see " SUOS"

The process can be speeded up by orders of magnitude .

1.Health .

Things like blood pressure , heartbeat , sugar levels , obesity , muscle density , etc could be monitored and controlled by a click language via biofeedback .

Even a simple !xi at inhalation and !xo at exhalation in an athletes training will enhance his performance by about 1% - 10% .

2. Music .

Music can be seen as a poor man's version of click-music .

3. Old cave paintings .

Make some sense of them .

4. Politician talk .

Paying attention to the sounds means that at least some attention is paid to the sense .

5. Short term memory .

Predictable systems are pleasing . The missing bits can be filled in with a high degree of accuracy . Older people are then more conservative . A click system is more predictable . So , talking to old people use more click sounds .

Actual use .

The Algorithm .

1.Keep big mouth closed .This is essential .

2.Click tongue while inhaling and exhaling through nose.

Notice that the clicking falls into a pattern : double clicks at the beginning and end of each inhalation and exhalation . All humans will do this .

Once you start tongue-clicking , the cadence follows . It is deeply hardwired .

3. Why does it work ?

The double tongue-click causes pressure fluctuations right throughout the vascular system . This warns it that O2/CO2 fluctuations are coming . Mitochondria to prepare

4. Energy systems adjust . They learn .

5. For how long ?

Five minutes . See previous posts on long-term potentiation .

6. Why not just rely on heartbeat ?

Breath and heartbeat are not synchronized

7. Keep big mouth closed , and click tongue . Many problems go away .

And so it goes .


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