Sunday, October 25, 2009

Click , Lies , Hope and Sex .

Click , Lies , Hope and Sex .

Andre Willers

25 Oct 2009

Warning :

Pregnant women should not try Click languages .

Nobody is expert at the moment .

Do not do it .

It is like taking your big belly to the Casino and putting parts of your baby up for collateral on the slot machines .

Synopsis :

Click-languages , being both a mode of perception and a language , are not good at abstractions . In-Utero fetuses were programmed by Click languages (by it's very nature) . The transition between Click and non-Click languages will then tend to be very abrupt .

Discussion :

1.Lies and Abstractions :

Because Click is also a perception modality , it is difficult to lie using it . Likewise , abstractions are difficult , since an abstraction is a lie .

Abstraction : Carefully chosen parts of a set is substituted for the set . The Sketch represents the reality . This is difficult in Click .

2.Art .

Since Art is an abstraction , we can track the growth of non-click languages by the growth of art remnants (cave paintings , pottery , etc)

3.Sex .

The oldest lies :

"I love you"

"The cheque/dividend/return/vote-return is in the mail"

These are to obtain present advantage for promises of future quid-pro-quo behaviour .

Why are these so successful ?

Well , it is very difficult to make these statements in Click . Click will require a concrete reference . No abstractions , thank you .

The descendants of non-click languages will be more numerous , even beyond carrying capacity .

The females are left scurrying around to increase the food-supply . Hence agriculture .

Sigh . As usual , we have got it the wrong way around .

Populations did not increase because of agriculture . Population increased first because of lies about Love , then agriculture was invented to feed the children .

But why , after 30 000 years , are these lies still believed ?

Science and Technology :

Systematic investigations of "What If" statements requires a abstraction language to try out the lies . The successful results get incorporated in Perceived Wisdom . This has been going on for at least 30 000 years , and probably earlier . The main Human invention .

You try and domesticate a wild animal species , or breed higher yielding crops or even make cassava edible .


Hope requires a fairly sophisticated abstraction machinery and time-projection . In other words , lies . Yet it has been driving human sophonts for at least 30 000 years .

The only game in town .

Because some of the "What If" things became true .

The lotteries are exact analogues : not the main prizes , but all the consolation prizes .

Even the also-rans can benefit .

And in evolutionary terms , it is not a zero-sum game .

The politicians do not sell a steak , they don’t even sell the sizzle . They sell the hope of whiff of the fragrance of the sizzle .

But Hope trumps all .

Note that systems which has very significantly reduced the Hopes of grandchildren have all come to a sticky end . Eg French , British , Russian class systems .

The US class system is in the throes . What will emerge is an interesting guess .


The only reliable method of number-control . Widely practiced in the remnants of click-speakers like the San (when click-birth control fails) . But if a lying technique like Hope is available , forget it . The mammalian evolutionary bonding is too tight , and will use every little loophole .

Click Birth Control :

Click involves programming phenes ( the epigenetic factors governing gene activation or inactivation) . A female could then spontaneously abort by using the correct sequence of tongue-clicks (suitably dressed up as ritual , of course) .


The growth and paring of neurons in the fetus brain is influenced by clicks transmitted through the amniotic fluid , even before birth (especially last trimester)

A mother speaking click will significantly biase neuronal connections in favour of click . Since Click is not good at abstractions , this explains a lot about the slow rate of change before non-click languages . And why lies are still the rage .

Fashions :

The lie of the week / month / year /century/etc.

Paradigm-shift is the term used to describe moving from one lie to another .

Note that the paradigm shift from Click to non-Click languages must have been very attractive to a woman . Not just the lies , but more children . And Hope .

Is Hope a lie ?

Yes and no .

Look around you . Billions of humans . Towering caves . Enough to eat and drink for most . Really fast horsies and big clubs . Paleolithic heaven .

We Hope that it will become better .


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