Friday, October 23, 2009

Integrated Click .

Integrated Click .

Andre Willers

23 Oct 2009


Integrate Finger Tapping , Visual-Auditory systems and Click with Intensional Clenching . This brings about some elements of voluntary control .

Discussion :


1.Finger Tapping: "Human Nails" 2007-08-17

2.Itarin : "Hearing 4:Visual and aural Feedback training" 2009-07-17

3.Click Language "Death of an Ur-Language" and later posts . 2009-10-09-10

4. Epigenes . "Click , Teeth and Bone"

The Algorithm :

This is zero-cost and low tech .

Play some upbeat music via Windows Media Player on PC .

1.Windows Media Player . Right-Click on the black and goto , This gives an analogue of Itarin or visual training systems slaved to sound .

The picture is the sound with a simple transform into 3-dimensions . Watching it for about 5 minutes triggers major transform-correlations in the visual-auditory system .

Make sure your ears are clean and have no hairs . "Beautiful ears"

2.Put bare or sock-clad feet on bubble-mat . Tap fingertips on forearms in time to the music .

3.Double-click tongue .

3.1 Mouth Closed : Internal feedback .

3.2 Mouth Open : External feedback .

3.3 Pulsing MouthOpen and MouthClosed .

This creates a bridge between internal body-states and external states .

Depression and other neuro-transmitter states :

Double-click tongue just with the mouth closed leads to depressive states , as there is not sufficient outside input to disrupt negative feedback basins .

It sounds ridiculous , but just opening and closing your mouth in this situation (listening to music, tapping and double-clicking tongue or talking while double-clicking and tapping fore-arms) will have major effects on mood-states , gene-expression and digestion .

Start with simple cloppity-clop melodies .

The system learns very quickly . It is , after all , hardwired in .

4.Low Pressure.

Occasionally , do the maneuver described in "Click , Teeth and Bone" . Block the nose and mouth , inhale to create a low pressure and click with mouth open and closed.

Sports :

Speeding up reflexes :

Do as above , but double-click tongue with mouth open about 2/3 of the time . The body is prepared to meet you outside of the 1/3 reserve levels .

The Zone :

Optimal performance . An avoidance of physiological depression .

Do the above and double-click tongue with mouth open about 1/3 to 2/3 of the time

Don't you feel better now ?


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