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Suckling .

Suckling .

Andre Willers

23 Oct 2009

Synopsis :

Suckling predates mammals and dinosaurs , and led to the formation of feathers and milk-glands .

Discussion :

See "Click , Teeth and Bone"

As discussed , teeth evolved first in the throats of conodonts about 525 Million Years ago . Prey was gripped by some calcium growths in the throat and sucked in by reduced pressure in the digestive sack . This is a schema still used by a large number of animals .

This was useful , even if no prey was in the throat .

Pseudo-prey (the tongue) evolved to valve the pressure . Sucking was enhanced by pulsing .

Note the prevalence of tongues or tongue-like organs .

Jaws and rib-cages evolved to enhance the efficiency of the sucking process . The bony growths migrated to the front to form the jaws and teeth . And backward to form the ribcage and notochord .

Sucking marrow is not just a figure of speech .

This took place in water . Sebaceaous glands and feathers/scales evolved , where the major nutrients were recycled via the suckling process .

No animal can afford the continuous loss of oils involved in waterproofing without some recovery of nutrients . Suckling the skin (see bird or fish grooming) provided this .

Certain sebaceous glands in protected spots specialized in providing high-fat nutrients to offspring .

Some developed into breasts . Others remained in the throat and mouth , to enrich food regurgitated to infants . Mammals and Dinosaurs .

It should be easy to test whether food regurgitated into bird's fledglings are enriched , especially in the fatty acid group .

Low-pressure spots on the skin caused by suckling developed into feathers or hair .

An amusing conjecture :

Human baldness may be alleviated by cap with many alternating , low-pressure , click points . This should trigger stem cells . A real Victorian age contraption .

A purist would make it steam-powered .

A simple cap with holes in it whilst playing very loud music (varying pressures) will have a similar effect .

Why rock-bands have long hair ?

Click .

Pulsing click sounds evolved . Sea-sonar .

Not just outside the body , but inside it as well .

This became incorporated into the synapse structure (one of the reasons why we have such a seemingly clumsy structure as synapses) . The pattern of pressure gradients in the body (click) influenced the density of neuro-transmitters .

This is of particular importance in signal-transmission speed

(See "Memeristors ,Bloodpressure and Click)

as well as emotions and moods .

Depression and Click .

Indiscriminate use of Click in a body not adapted to it or not under guidance of somebody who knows what they are doing , and has serotonin re-uptake deficiencies will pulse in chaotic fashion . The therapist's function (or the language) is

to guide it into attractor basins .

Since the short form of the gene governing re-uptake of serotonin (the one that speeds it up) is so prevalent , depression is very likely after using Click even moderately . This is physiological . No amount of psychology will help .

Speculation :

It has been wondered why such a gene evolved . But if Click was widespread , it is natural and the frequency spreads can be calculated and correlated with genes enabling click-sounds (cf Fox-P genes)

What to do :

Click is evolutionary very old .

Once Click has been started , it is difficult to stop .

Epigenetic effects :

Genes get switched on and off , and should be in a pre-determined sequence . The system is very fault-tolerant , but if there is a weakness (like short-serotonin genes) , the compensations take longer to come on-line .

(Eg Sumo-wrestlers have a secret click-grunt language , so have Kenyan long-distance runners . All that !xu , !xo , !xi ,!xa , !xe , !xy yakkiting of Kung fu , Karate , etc . )

The Guru's have died a long time ago . Progress .

If anomalous depression strikes , take 5-HTTP (a Serotonin precursor) , and alcohol . This should kick the system out of the chaotic-basin it is spiraling into .

But it will return unless the system is placed into another attractor basin .

Like cults , religion , better click .

Listen to some San-click language . Translate early hieroglyphic languages into Click Basically , recreate Click language . Well within present Human capability .

See "Integrated Click"

Life sucks .

Andre .

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