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Click , Teeth and Bone .

Click , Teeth and Bone .
Andre Willers
17 Oct 2009

Synopsis :
Variable low pressures plays a major role in epigenetic switching on or off of jaw and skeletal genes .

Discussion :
Evolutionary speaking , teeth evolved first in the throats of conodonts about 525 MY . Prey was gripped by some calcium growths in the throat and sucked in by reduced
pressure . This is a schema still used by a large number of predators , notably eels .

The calcium-growths were so successful they migrated to the jaw-teeth complex and the notochord . We are all descendent from these animals .

Low-pressure .
Note the role of a low-pressure zone to activate some genes .

The system needs a low-pressure zone in the gastro-intestinal tract to activate some essential genes .

The easiest is the mouth .

Hence Click .
The tongue-click creates a low-pressure volume , activating calcium deposit signals in the jaw and skeleton .

Spacecraft :
The bone-loss experienced by space-travellers is not because of low gravity , but of lack of intestinal pressure differentials .

Aerobic exercise:
This involves gasping . Not enough oxygen . Lower pressures .

You can get the same physiological effect by clamping mouth and nose shut and inhaling . The result is a low pressure system in the lungs and gastro-intestinal tract .

This feels mildly uncomfortable , but if you double tongueclick at the same time , the energy consumptions immediately rises . After about three clicks you will feel extremely uncomfortable . Try it .

The idea is to trigger stem-cell regeneration in the gums The signals will proliferate down the intestinal tract .

There is an innate magnifier effect , very similar to the PCR effect that magnifies certain DNA sequences . Why do you think homeostatic temperature organisms are so successful ?

The temperature differentials are not much , but the pressure differentials are .You are fart-driven . But the inverse–farts are the most important .
The breathing system creates periodic low-and high pressure systems in the abdomen

.Do not eat fermented products or drink fizzy beverages while doing these exercises .

The algorithm :
1. Exhale .
2. Pinch mouth and nose shut .
3. Try to inhale (automatic) , while double-clicking tongue .
4. After about 3-4 double-clicks (seconds) , some discomfort .
5. Inhale and repeat process for about 5 minutes .
6. The idea is to activate genes via the low-pressure system . The 5-minutes is the threshold for long-term potentiating via the synapse-system .

Expected Results:
Something like an accelerated program of aerobic exercise .
Dental and gum easement .
Knobby bones .
The rest depends on how much chicken-fat you eat ..

Good Luck
Andre .

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