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Jet lag and Click .

Jet lag and Click .
Andre Willers
8 Oct 2009

Synopsis :
A simple click evolutionary pathway to reset body-timers exists .

Discussion :

The invention of Click enabled proto-homonins to colonise caves .
See "Click and human evolution" and subsequent Click posts .

There was one teensy-weensy problem . The interiors of the dark caves were , well , dark .
This was before the invention of fire or the sentinel-clicker (see below) .

Coming out of the dark of the cave into the sunlight the homonin would make a simple click performance to reset the body clocks .

Otherwise , it is a laborious process , rendering the hominin extremely vulnerable to a smart Dino Felis , who has been co-evolving with it .

This took place over about two million years . A good example of the complementary culture and body-evolution .

The Algorithm :
1.Close eyes .
2.Open eyes
3.Immediately tongue double-click the estimated number of degrees the sun is above the horizon (seconds) .
4.Repeat items 1 to 3 at least 5 times .(long-term potentiatation plus sensitization)

This would have been mnemonized into a "Hail the sun , Father of the new day etc" in Click language . Common in Old societies .

What it did was to reset body-clocks .

Note that most old stone-age dwellings had an entrance facing East , so the declination of the Sun is immediately visible . (Location! , Location!)

Note that the base 60 is built into the heartbeat rhythm . Hence the 60x3x2=360 angles and time measurements . Egyptians had a fractal base 60 measurement of the year , day , hour and second we still use today .

Originally the old , lame or sick whose task was to keep on clicking one hard rock on another to provide echoes in the dark cave . The Sentinels .
If they stopped , it was an automatic alarm .
This evolved into the Priesthood .
Remnants are still around ("Ten o'clock and all's well" , rituals that have to be continuously performed ,etc)

Archeological evidence :
Look for anomalously worn hard rocks near the entrance of caves or inside relay distance . They will probably look like pestle-and-grinder , but long before agriculture
They are Clickers .

Dino Felis .
A sabre-toothed cat whose preferred prey was hominins . The reason why hominins hid in caves .
(Humans rendered them extinct as a first order of business after ropes (ie weaving) was invented)

Priesthood classes would then have a much better hearing (especially in higher frequency click ranges) than normal humans . The Sacred Language .
They were the frontline-clickers , and the first casualties if not alert enough .
Hence the evolutionary selection .

This can be tested on the Cohens , a priesthood class that probably retains genes for click-hearing . San or Bantu ?

See previous posts .

Artificial caves :
All humans live in caves . Called houses , flats , apartments , tents , yurts etc . So the above is still applicable .

Artificial lighting .
Homonins had another long period (about 1 million years) of fire . Light was available in the cave . The Clickers evolved into fire-keepers (on the way to priests) .
But the problem of immediate orientation of mind and body on leaving the cave intensified .

A statistically large percentage of homonins sticking their befuddled heads out of cave will tend to be eaten . There was heavy selection pressure on immediate orientation .
Click was it .

Flying Caves .
Also known as planes .
Why do think portholes are still included , against all reason ? Without them , jet lag will be really bad .

Flying Jet-Lag Reset Algorithm .
1. Ask the pilot for the angle of the sun from the East .
2. Close eyes , open eyes . Look out of the port hole and immediately double-tongue click the number of degrees . Stop .Repeat five times .
3. That's it .

Alcohol and Caffeine .
Caffeine is a dendritic accellarator and alcohol is an inhibition lowerer . With Click , they will speed the process . You can creep up on a deficit .

Hasta la vista , Irish Coffee !
!as!a !a !is!a !ish !of!ee


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