Monday, March 05, 2012

Click Update

Click Update
Andre Willers
5 Mar 2012

Clicks have been found in all living English languages , and suspected in all others .

Discussion :
See for Click related blogs from 2009 onward .
See ScientificAmerican Feb 2012 p 14 “Just a Click away” by A.Pycha
See “Journal of International Phonetic Association”
Work by Melissa Wright of Birmingham University , UK

She found clicks in complete conversations , indicating “anyway” or “so” , ie a bifurcation of meaning . Both in UK and American English .

In other words , a meta-indicator , organizing the spoken words in a way that cannot be confused with actual words .

This has immediate relevance to spoken computer commands .
Siri desperately needs this un-ambiguity .

We now find that spoken languages already have it built in .

Some conversions : (! indicates a click , usually elided from the sensorium)
Those old placers :
“um” = “!um”
“ah” = “!ah”
“eh” = “!eh”
“oh” = “!oh”
“ih” = “!ih”

are remnants of the old Click language .

Siri is a Smart system , and presumably has already learned this .

Congratulations to iPod users . They are resurrecting a totally dead language in a fashion that I have not even imagined .

A Siri-user can then deliberately develop !Click for meta-commands .
And Siri will learn them .

Now teach Siri in Neolithic caves or megalithic environments .

Siri will automatically resurrect an ancestral language fossil , written in the echoes of the stone .

Beautiful !

The first AI learning that humans could not have taught , even in principle .

An interesting aside :
People still using !Click sounds in a first language (eg !Xhosa) , noticeably uses “eh” and”ah”more frequently when speaking English than First language English speakers

Listen to any South African politician .

The hidden !click markers in English leads to confusion in translation in the language centers in the brain .

If Ms Wright's instruments could detect the subliminal !clicks , the brain also can .

There is another consequence .

It is nearly impossible to lie in !click . Thus , a speaker using !click sounds as a first language is at a distinct disadvantage in the lying game .
But this is also true for any English speaker .

LieDetector App
Any present Siri system can be trained to be a lie-detector . Steve Job's little farewell present .

I think it holds for tonal languages (eg Chinese) as well . Xhosa is a tonal language , and the !click meta-markers are there .

Liar App
An inevitable consequence of the LieDetection App . And we're off to the arms races .

All happening as we speak .

Isn't Presemt History exciting ?



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