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Crustal Superconductors.

Crustal Superconductors
Andre Willers
15 Mar 2012

“Diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble” Isaac Newton
“O Diamond , diamond ! Thou little knowest the mischief done! “ Isaac Newton

Speculative .
What can the beachcomber on Mauritius pick up in the line of crustal high-temperature electric superconductors ? We try to deduce the origin , appearance and main characteristics of such materials , as well as where they may be found .

Discussion :
Read “Continental Lurch” Mar 2012 .
Especially the bits about the origin of diamonds .

Diamonds are rather ho-hum . Superconductors are much more interesting and valuable .

Our putative superconductors are formed when a metallic meteor punches through the crust to the high-temperature , high-pressure areas underneath . The combination of diamond fullerenes , exotic metals and wildly fluctuating temperature-pressure shock wavefronts cook up a metamaterial like an inverted crystal structure .

One possible model:
The “crystal” nodes are occupied by diamond fullerenes , connected by metals , which stabilize by collapsing into stable states by emitting neutrino's , of all things .

Piezoelectric effect :
Squeezing it will cause an excess of electrons ,
The system will self-organize into nodules and layers of nodules as continuous pressure differentials causes magnetic effects .

It is not very strong physically , and about as temperature resistant as diamond .

The pervasive presence of a liquid conductor (like seawater) will enable nodules and slabs of nodules to survive .

But a cool volcano will be needed to bring it to the surface (like with diamonds)

Does this sound familiar ?
“Industrial diamonds” grit . The matrix is actually the really valuable part , but trust humans to discard it .

Commercial deposits :
Seawater and mud currents will do the normal geological trick of concentrating deposits .

They can be recognized by the magnetic anomalies they create .
Being superconducting and piezoelectric , small pressure differentials in the ocean creates large magnetic fields . The nodules self-organize in the center of ocean gyres .

So , we can expect strong magnetic fields causing very deep inclinations in magnetic compasses in areas like the Bermuda Triangle or Dragons Triangle or Mauritius Triangle . An ordinary magnetic compass will look as if it is rotating , as it thinks North is underneath it .

To sum it up :
A low/high pressure front (eg fog) moving over an area where nodules are concentrated will induce intense magnetic effects . Any vehicle with conducting materials moving through it will experience intense localised heating . Aircraft will simply disintegrate , and ships with rivets or welds not do much better .
Accompanied by serious St Elmo effects , neutralizing any radio transmissions .
Nodules 1 . Humans 0 .

What does a nodule look like ?
About the size of a fist , black with glints . Leaves sooty marks and disintegrates rapidly if taken out of seawater .

If you see one , do not touch it with bare hands . The diamond bits are sharper than razors , and the heavy metals will poison you .

It will probably disintegrate if put into a Faraday cage .

Do NOT connect it to a battery . Being an inverse crystalline metamaterial , it will suck the battery dry . The current flux will cause the battery to explode , and the node extremely shortly after that .

Industrial uses :
1.The perfect battery
2.Superconductor of electricity at high temperatures (est ~800 C)

1.A large enough organized concentration should give a magnetic monopole , which means a reactionless drive . Might already exist in the Triangles . Good luck with the theory . Fusion power .

2.Small , sensitive neutrino detector and generator . This will enable fine-detail detection of life-bearing or technological planets .

Where to find them :
Locals in areas like Florida , Eastern China coast , Mauritius coast most probably know them .
The Scientific Community has , mouldering away in some luckless students' theses , the clues . But it did not fit the Orthodoxy .
Eg , there are terabytes of data about magnetic anomalies , but very steep anomalies are elided as instrument or human error (like what happened with the ozone hole).
(I looked at some . Every time things got interesting , there was a break in the data .
The self-censorship of timidity.)

An interesting aside :
Global Warming will cause steeper pressure gradients , generating greater magnetic fields in the Nodule Concentration Fields . Also changing the general Magnetic field of the planet . Influencing the impact of solar storms , etc . So , we do not need major changes in the deep-magma core flows to get magnetic field reversals at the surface .

This means that the Nodule Concentration Fields are energy sinks , cooling the planet by radiating excess heat as EM radiation . Another one of Gaia's little tricks .

Nodule Concentration Field Lasers :
With a little help from humans , Nodule Concentration Fields can be tweaked to more efficiently cool by radiating as lasers .

Maybe it is built-in .
This might happen when the magnetic fields self-enclose , forming a magnetic monopole .
I definitely want to elsewhere when this happens .

Systems like these tend to be over-enthusiastic . So there should be a strong correlation between magnetic field reversals and ice ages .

Ley Lines :
I can't pass this up .
There is a school of thought that ley-lines (dragon-lines) are energy conduits powered by generators in the Nodule Concentration Fields . If they power up the ley-lines will also power up and megalithic ruin sites will become very interesting places .
This has the merit of being measurable .

Stone-Henge , the Pyramids and other sites could suddenly reactivate .
And it would be sudden . The self-enclosure of the magnetic monopoles is an on-off switch .

The Matriarchy strikes again !

Another Pebble . Anyone ?



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