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New Staffordshire Treasure

New Staffordshire treasure .
Andre Willers
1 Apr 2012
How to find the well-preserved remains of the Anglo-Saxons.
Discussion :
See “Staffordshire Treasure and a Welsh Cannae” Mar 2012
The stretch of relevant old roman road is about 10 km of hilly terrain . This has changed considerably over 1300 years .
Go back to the initial ambush . This had to be in a valley . The sides of the valley had narrow gulleys , formed by stream erosion of gravel-clay conglomerates . These formed dykes of dried gravel-clay , with semi-liquid mud-gravel behind them .
As panicked tons of horses with pointy things sticking out crowded into these narrow gulleys , the dykes broke and they were overwhelmed by mud-gravel slides . But these were not normal mudslides . The dykes were breached at the bottom . The horsemen were entombed in place like flies in amber . The top in spinward direction (ie East) fell over this. This formed an obstruction in the narrow ravine , which over 1 300 years translates into what can be easily mistaken for a moraine , with a small stream at the anti-spinward side .
So look for fairly narrow valley , with a moraine in front and a small stream on anti-spinward (ie west) side .
Search with detectors toward the spin-side of the moraine .
The results should be spectacular . The first thing an excavator would see is a gold-encrusted sword sticking up . (Cf Avenue of Bayonets in WWI)
The sideways mudslides would preserve the riders like between slides .
The earliest ones fleeing would be deepest into to ravines . These would be the leaders , heaviest in gold .(“First in battle , first in flight”) .
These riders would be heavy in iron (weapons , armour) , easily detectable by metal-detectors.
A nice little hobby for Easter .
Grave robbing in real time . Lara is there .
Twitter and facebook will enable this process to be followed in real time . The moment a significant find (Gold!) is made , a flash crowd will assemble . Welsh Separatists and other political groups will assemble . An Hysterical Focus will form .
Why ?
This whole thing has been characterised by very low-probabilty events becoming real . What I call Murphy riding with the raiders . This will probably happen again to anything associated with it .
A Hysterical Focus . The Media will go mad .Which means any person should steer clear . Strange things will happen .
To sum it up :
If you go onto the old Roman Road west of Lichfield this Easter( 7 April 2012) , you will make some life-changing discoveries . Low probability events become high-probability .
Interesting times for all .

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