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Andre’s Dog chasing Schrodinger’s Cat

Andre Willers

3 Feb 2013


The Dog jumps into the box with the Cat . The fate of both are then entangled at deeper level than a simple Beth(0) randomness .

Discussion :

  1. I am not going to spoon-feed you . You will just have to follow links and use your own mind .

2.Simple molecules can collapse quantum-wave functions . See

and other relevant posts .

  1. This means that subsets of your mind operate independently .
  2. These are quantal systems , so quantity does bring about a qualitative change .
  3. Specifically in complexity levels (Beth(0) , Beth(1) , Beth(3) , …, Beth(n)

5.Andre's Dog :

See Appendix I .

Andre's dog is a mental construct based on actual experience with dogs . It snuffles out "scents" , ie weak quantum correlations and collapses them by observing them at a biochemical level . Simultaneously , it incorporates them . The Dog eats the Cat , in terms of usable information .

Andre's dog is an Infovore . The human is the beneficiary .

5.1 Other Constructs :

Humans are good at constructing role models (ie internally coherent quantal wave clusters) .

I ask what Gauss or Newton would have thought .

Having constructed Avatars based on what I knew of them , and using the principles of quantum collapse of subsets , you get a better answer because larger information spaces are swept .


6.Quantum Ecology :

The Dog-Cat metaphor is simply an entry-point into the quantal universe .


7. Note that you cannot understand the quantum particles' behaviour without taking into account the hierarchy of Infovores .

(See Wolves in national parks.)

8. The difference is that there is no top Infovore . It ascends pari-passu with Beth(n) status .



It being an ecology , there are predators (you are one of them) .

Hunting the wily Higg's boson is not a metaphor . The surviving ones are elusive , to put it mildly . The same with neutrinos .

10.These are simple (Beth(0) ) evolutionary principles .

Things get hairy at higher Beth() levels .


11.God's sense of humour :

Parts of you are smarter than you are . To any infinity . You are forced to grow .


12.This is Faith . Faith is good , but knowledge is better . Exactly God's point .


13.Without Faith , predictive knowledge is impossible . There is an implicit faith that the universe has rules , understandable or not .

14. Amusingly , any Beth(n+1) system can always find domain-limited rules in a Beth(n) system .

This means that Faith only operates one way : Up the Beth(n) system . Downwards, it is deterministic . And may you have joy of that .


15. Is there any way out ?

The Beth() system requires the axiom of delineation . That separation exists . if there is no separation , the system collapses .

"You pays your money and gets your pick "

Literally !

This is the old Buddhist Way . Getting off the Wheel by non-difference .


16. Essentially , impossible to humans except by paradox . Hence Zen .

17 . But paradox at every level of Beth(n) ? This is the requirement .

18. Erk . The minimum level is 27 . The upper level is dependant on the n in Beth(n) .

But God has put his big ,fat thumb on the scale . Subsystems can make better correlations than supersystems .

See Appendix III

19. This is an Ostrum system .

The small ones are better than the big ones .


20. Inverse Cheshire cats .

In ordinary Cheshire cats , only the smile remains . With Inverse Cheshire Cats , the other end of the alimentary canal remains .

The habitat of Inverse Cheshire Cats is Governmental offices , Boardrooms , Senior Management Offices and the ilk .

They are the natural prey of Andre's Dogs and their analogs .


21. I hereby give formal permission to Andre's Dogs to go after the Inverse Cheshire Cats .


22. Give them hell , boys !


Let Ostrum be your Flag !


Andre .



Appendix I

I do not make money or renown in any form by this blogsite .

Mostly , I do it to find out what I am thinking .

An interesting idea grabs my attention , then takes off like an unruly 200 pound dog on a leash . I am dragged along , willy-nilly .

I only find out what I thought by reading what I wrote .

Some other people find some of it interesting (though I cannot predict which articles they would find interesting)

Keeps me from trying to play the futures market .



Appendix II

Schrodinger's Cat's_cat


"God's Snowball :

God is the ultimate snowball .

He put his thumb firmly on the scale through the Distributive Axiom of ArithII .


To recapitulate the Distributive Axiom of ArithII .






That xy term is the killer . If x and y are both negative , xy is positive . This breaks the symmetry . Any exchange rate is a multiplication of terms .Symmetry is broken in any exchange rate in an ArithII system .


The underlying system has a tendency to increase at any iteration . The snowball grows bigger . As described , if one integrates it over infinity of values it is 2/3 of basic value .

This is the added value of all the interactions.

This ties in with "Infinite Probes"

The basic observed value has a reserve of 1/3 of the value . This has immediate physical significance with quarks ."



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