Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Asteroid Capture Feb 15 2013

Asteroid Capture

Andre Willers
10 Jan 2013
A capture of a close flyby of a small asteroid DA14 (130 000 tons) on 15 Feb 2013 seems within present human capture capability .

Discussion :
1.The Asteroid :
Additionally NASA estimates the closest it can get to the earth will be 17,000 miles above the equator.
Asteroid 2012 DA 14 has an estimated diameter of about 45 meters, and a mass of roughly 130,000 metric tons, making it a medium-sized asteroid.
If Asteroid DA 14 were to impact the Earth, it would do so with the energy of 2.4 Megatons.
2.How to steer it :
A nuclear warhead of 2.4/Sqrt(2) = 1.8 megatons will steer it in a capture orbit .
The asteroid moves well within human reach .
3.Is it failsafe ?
You must be joking . The risk is small . To have 130 000 tons of metal in orbit will give the controlling civilization a huge advantage . Not to mention the incredible amount of money .
See Appendix I .
4.A reprise of the old Sputnik episode .
5.We will see when February 15 2013 rolls past .


Appendix I
The Chinese are planning to do it . And the Americans are caught napping , as usual .

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