Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hidden Assumptions.

Andre Willers

17 Feb 2013

Synopsis :

Hidden assumptions in the decision loops nearly killed me .

Discussion :

1.Perception is an active process . You see what you expect to see .


2. This is well-known in reading .

Well-trained readers (we spent at least 18 years on this) skip around the page . The brain fills in the missing pieces .

3. My medical aid insists on generics . Each new one has a different name .

4. Two brands started with letters Si.

Si-xxx a statin (cholesterol) and Si-yyy (ACE inhibitor) were confused by the visual system (The boxes were similar , as well)

5. The result was a sky-rocketing blood-pressure .


6.The Interesting part :

I could not see the error . I even read the Si-xxx to a doctor . I could not make the correlation .

This is like the puzzles where you have to count the number of "e" occurrences , and your brain simply skips it .

7. Why ?

8. Decision Loops :

Beloved by combat pilots .

Inherent in the process is a truncation of the decision tree .

Your brain marks some things as being "true" .

This exactly where I became unglued .

These hidden assumptions were inhibited from being re-examined .

9. Amygdala-effects .

These interrupt-like effects are very reminiscent of amygdala systems .

10. But the effects are more distributed . Mainly in the retina , hindbrain and ocular systems .

11.Easier to affect than the amygdala .

12. Biochemical systems .

A lot of yakkity-yak .

Interrupt-like effects are all over . These are the same as singularities .

13.As previously discussed

14. The human brain is more like a Dis-continuum . Which is the definition of a quantum system .

15 .So what is a poor drone pilot to do ?

Read Jane Austen and War and Peace and take a lot of Flaxseed Oil .

This trains the brain in different viewpoints .

16 . This will also help in not confusing your medications .

17 . Mirror-neurons :

Your short-term memory per character might be limited , but the number of mirror-neuron-networks (characters) that each uses is large . Very large .

18.So , if you give a medicine the name of your favourite character in a soapie or novel , you will not run into any confusion .


There is no fool like an old fool .




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