Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fat Icons .


Andre Willers

15 Feb 2013

Synopsis .

Thin icons evolve to fat icons .

Discussion :

An idoru is a hyperreal image . Designed to trigger all your little checkpoins .

The systems know at very deep levels that successful systems are Fat .

Hence Bhuddai and Father Chrstmas .


Fat Icons are really scarce . Very valuable .

But don't worry . Soon demand will create supply .

Look at computer graphical icons . The middle is broadening .

The optimal shape will be like a spindle .

Fat .

The usual human ratio's of middle to hip would apply .

But the trick is to invert it .

A waist 1/0.75 = 1.333 will be an Idoru .

What do you know . This is the reserve of humans .

The Buddhai embodies the reserves of an entire civilization .

Amazing what a fat belly can do .


What does this mean ?

A waist/hip ratio =0.75 (the default )is good but a ratio of 1.3333 is just as good (a bit narrow in small fluctuations) .


You can work out your own ratios . But remember , there are two solutions .

Fat idoru's strikes again !

Rubens sneers at thin !


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