Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Resetting Blood Pressure

Andre Willers

14 Feb 2013


A simple HGH secretagogue resets the systolic Blood pressure .


Discussion :

1.I take Solal HGH Advanced Secretagogue , 10 capsules .

2. Severe Blood Pressure problems resulted (200/100) . Immune to any remedial steps .

3.Why ?

Because it actually works . The HGH activates various stem cells. They secrete growth factors. The blood-system has to hustle to supply the demand and remove the by-products . This means an increased blood flow . Which can only happen if the blood-pressure increases .

4.This has a top interrupt priority .

5.The Reset :

I then took 3 capsules , and the systolic BP dropped to 162 . Diastolic remained the same .

Then I took one capsule after about 10 minutes . BP dropped to 144/91 .

6. What does this mean ?

6.1 High BP as above is equivalent to heavy exercise . The HGH is repairing the arterial walls. Not inherently bad .

6.2 But the system has very little memory . After about 10 minutes , taking just one capsule will reset the systolic pressure .

6.3 The diastolic pressure will take longer .

6.4 The system should be phased in 3,7,10 capsules .


7. Will one capsule of a HGH Secretagogue reset the systolic blood pressure to lower levels ?

The evidence suggests it . Try it .


8. This is a simple and very fast way of bypassing the memory in the blood-vessel walls .


9.Athletes :

Taking a HGH secretagogue in ratio's of 1/3 , 2/3 , 3/3 will give optimum results between 1/3 and 2/3 before the actual competition .


10 Optimal dosages for Solal HGH Secretagogue :

Start with 1/day then slowly increase till 10/day , while monitoring Blood Pressure .


11.Inversely , if the patient has too high systolic BP , give one capsule of secretagogue .

12. Why ?

The new HGH level overwrites the previous one , even if it was higher .

This is a Stand-down system .

But this is not how evolutionary systems work . There must be an inhibitor of the stand-down system , and an inhibitor of that .

Good luck with that .



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