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Andre Willers
3 Jun 2013
“Omami blues”

Synopsis :
Infants have an Omami taste receptor . It identifies milk as Friend or Foe (IFF) . At weaning they mostly get apoptosed , but a ghost of a memory remains .
Discussion :
1.IFF components :
In excretions by fatty glands around the nipple.
2.The receptors :
In the mouth cavity of babies . An extra flavour : bitter, sweet ,sour ,salty , umami and omami .
3.Omami triggers production of oxytocin  . By definition . This lowers Immune system response .
4.Weaning :
The omami receptor sites get mostly apoptised as the stimulus is withdrawn . But a ghost of a memory remains . Sucking .
5.Super Cigarettes .
Nicotine alone lowers immune barriers .
There is an synergistic effect with omami fats from the nipple that IFF the contents of the mouthful . Cream would be a substitute .
6. Omami Soup .
Recipe :
1.       Lactose free milk
2.       A teensie pinch of tobacco .
3.       Cream .
Smoothie and Slurp .
This will stimulate regeneration of omami receptors on the tongue from stem cells .
Ocytocin production initially will jump . A Joy high .  Smokers will be very vulnerable .

7.Medical applications are obvious .
Chemo slipped into a Omami soup will not trigger bad reactions .
8. This is a purely theoretical approach .
9.Still , be careful with Omami  soups .




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