Sunday, June 23, 2013

Tourettes and Parkinsons

Tourettes  and Parkinsons

Andre Willers
23 Jun 2013
“In vino veritas”
Synopsis :
Inability of intentions .

Discussion :
1.Parkinsons is the inability to perform intensions . (Movements ,Rls)
2.Tourettes is the inability to perform intensions .(Tics ,lies , RLS)
3.The same thing .
4.Cures for one will affect the other . Like  Pexola
5. Pexola enables performance of intentions for RLS . (Restless Leg Syndrome)
6. Pexola thus enhances creativity in pulsed dosages
7.Alcohol does something similar . The pulsation is built into the hangover .
8.Creative persons will be more likely to develop RLS and Parkinsons .
9.Intervention : Pexola and alcohol should be pulsed in a mutual inverse relationship .
10. Decrease pexola if you are drinking , and vice versa .
11.All to do with the dopamine system .
Simple enough .

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