Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Puns insects make .


Andre Willers
12 Jun 2013
It is impossible to construct a language that has no puns . Puns play a major role in evolution and interstellar communication .
Discussion :
1.The long proof : Godel said it all . If you did construct such a language , you can Godelize the statements . This means you can generate statements which differ by very small amounts .
Puns then become possible .
2.The short proof : there are only a finite number of symbols and an infinite number of meanings . Duplicates ( ) must arise .

3.What does this mean ?
3.1 Evolution of hierarchies :
Sets of similar puns develop into hierarchies . This includes speciation . Note that this is not driven by any external factors .
3.2 Those who don’t get it , die off .

4.Interstellar Aliens .
If they are social , they must have a mechanism for resolving paradoxes . Puns . The only commonality .
This will then be the only general interstellar art form that can be appreciated by all .

5.Insect puns :
Bees have a pheromone and dancing language . All is not sweetness and honey in the hive (latest research) . Factions form .
Randomness introduced by radio ,TV , data electromagnetic waves introduce greater than normal punning in the dances .
Which leads to different hierarchies (factions) forming , degrading the functionality and immune system of the hive .
Hives die off .
The cure : a double cone of aluminium foil over the hive , with bee entrances for each cone staggered .
Conversely , experimental verification can easily be obtained by sticking a 3 dim lattice of wires through the hive and sending varying currents through them .
Monitor closely .
6.The same should hold for ants or any insect .

If you can’t tell a joke to an ant , what use are you ?
Interstellarly yours


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