Saturday, June 01, 2013

Joys of an Asocial Insect .

Joys of an Asocial Insect .

Andre Willers
1 Jun 2013
Synopsis :
All social species have those that walk away . They are vital to the survival of the species .
Discussion :
1.Evolutionary argument :
The same argument applies .
Walkaway genes are generated all the time . The worst ones gets leached out of the gene-pool by the walkaways , benefitting the species .
But non-zero percentage discovers new things that percolates back to the hive .
Something like spam .
2.Freed from the crushing load of the future , greater risks are taken in exploring . Called Risk Capital .

3.Past baggage is ditched .  
Entomologists should look (a meta-analysis with p<5 .="" 1="" away="" find="" insects="" many="" o:p="" st="" that="" to="" walk="">
Ever wonder what that lonely ant in the middle of nowhere is doing there ?
Should be a higher percentage for Butterflies .

5.  The more literate insects excrete dark pellets of the past and the future in their flight to the Flame of the Singularity .
Paradoxical bombs of insight . The feedback mechanism for the hive .
What is discarded becomes guidelines for the future .
The rejected stone becomes the cornerstone .

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