Monday, August 26, 2013

Short-Term Memory Enhancement

Andre Willers
26 Aug 2013
Synopsis :
Visual training on an Sierpinsky Small World model can increase short-term memory recall in humans and computers .
Discussion :
1.The system is fractal . Sierpinsky meta-fractals are used to approximate a small world model .
2.The close-intensity of the Sierpinsky fractals represent short-term memory .
3. Links to other Sierpinsky fractals represent small World Network .
4.Image tells it better :

5.Shift your mental and eye focus at the image anti-clockwise from 6 o’clock for periodsof 16 , 24 , 32 , 40 , 48 , etc seconds .
Or just use the cursor .
Count 1-thousand , 2-thousand , … , 9-thousand  . You will notice a slight confusion of numbers as you count them . This is due to dimensional distortion in the image assembly . (This is what we are training)
 Repeat . for n= 2,3,4,5,.., etc to desired n’th degree of training .
6.This is training to enhance short-term memory by using all the mind’s tricks like chunking .
7.Distributed memory is shared more efficiently after training .

8. How it works ?
See Appendix Aleph
Cassandra says :
She does not know who will regret it most .
This technology will enhance individuals , but re-meld societies .
Oh well . God’s kitchen can always do with another dishwasher .

Appendix Aleph
Optimal number of Concept Cells


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