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Vagus Nerve Programming .

Vagus Nerve Programming .

Andre Willers
8 Aug 2013
Synopsis :
An App to reduce stress  via Vagus nerve programming using Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
Discussion :
This is the feedback apparatus . Costs about $100 (R1 000) plus iPad .
2.We need a conscious activity that influences the vagus nerve tone .
3.The link is Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
A high HRV is associated with a healthy vagus nerve tone .
4.Mechanism :
The big problem always has been that stressor molecules in the brain and stressor molecules in the body (eg heart)  were the same or very similar .
This gave rise to unfortunate positive feedback loops , resulting in high blood pressure , anxiety attacks , obsessive compulsive disorder , PTSD ,  etc .
Two ways to influence the system is either in the brain (meditation) or in the heart (by adjusting HRV)  or both .
Breathing (conscious control driver)
4.1 Inhalation : temporarily suppresses vagal nerve activity , increasing heart rate to help oxygenated blood circulate . The acidity of the blood also becomes more alkaline , affecting nerve transmission to muscles (see )
4.2 Exhalation : the heart rate slows . Blood acidity becomes more acid (CO2) , leading to more effective muscle control .
5.This app makes it easy to adjust HRV .
An earlobe sensor measures HRV in real time . This enable bio-feedback using conscious control of breathing .
Like Yoga on steroids (see )
See Appendix A .
6. Note the use higher  CO2 concentrations to manipulate the system .
Even breathing in-and-out of a paper bag dramatically increases effectiveness , especially for tetany .

7.Does this mean that we can reprogram the Amygdala ?
For PTSD involving anxiety states , yes . By definition .
Anxiety means increased heart rate . This is exactly what is being trained . HRV means that high blood pressure must relax .
The system should be easy to train , since most of it is already happening naturally .
8.Interesting aside :
Using HRV control via breathing has an old history . But this is the first time it is measurable in real time at low cost .
Some sports involving fine muscle control (marksmanship , tabletennis , tennis ,golf ,etc) would be significantly easier if CO2 levels were enhanced to increase HRV .
If you run the first 30 meters of the 100 meter   dash breathing through a paperbag , would that count as doping ?
9.See “Wishful thinking” by Emma Young in NewScientist 13 July 2013 (p47)
10 . Another interesting aside :
Is asthma an attempt by the body to increase CO2 ?
 Note that too clean lungs will tend to tetany , choking airways . Unintended consequences .
Try CO2 or a paperbag .
Is the race in the bag ?


Appendix A
CO2 and Everest

Andre Willers
12 Jul 2013
Synopsis :
CO2 levels , not O2 levels , govern high-altitude adaptation . An ordinary person can climb Everest without oxygen using a paper bag for breathing .

Discussion :
1.Flying :
The plane cabin pressure is at +-7 000 ft . Just breathe through a paper bag to counter the altitude effect .
2.Sea level :
Notice that the Yogi’s have a higher CO2 partial pressure even at sea level . Appendix I
3.What does this mean ?
An athlete will perform better if he has ventilated through a paper bag .Increasing CO2 levels .
4.Diabetes II
Higher CO2 concentrations will slow mitochondrial spins . This triggers cell-wall slower transfer of insulin . It resets the mechanism . Better control afterward .
Just breathe into a paperbag for about 10 breaths .
5. Then test blood sugar or climb Everest .


Appendix I
Mean (SD) partial pressure of oxygen and carbon dioxide by altitude
PaO2=partial pressure of oxygen; PaCO2=partial pressure of carbon dioxide.

Notice that trained breathers (yoga) has higher CO2 levels than controls .

Appendix II
CO2 Deprivation .

Andre Willers
7 Jun 2013
Mammals evolved at 1000 ppm CO2 . Present 400 ppm CO2 causes many respiratory and muscle problems .
What gives ?
Short and sweet .

Coughing and mucous . Colds . Flu ?

2.Tetany .
Low CO2 causes calcium channel problems . Ref ACE blockers .
3.Smoking .
The sensors are on the alveoli , not in the blood stream . Smoking immediately relieves tetany symptoms .
4.Breathing exercises won’t help . The gas mixture has to be about 1000 ppm CO2 .
5. Brown paper bag .
Works .

6. Metered CO2 using SCUBA gear .
Just make sure the CO2 is pure .

7. Blood pressure effect .
The CO2 level affects the acidity of the blood , hence the viscosity , hence the Blood Pressure .

8. A plain paper bag works well , but where did you get them goo-goo eyes from ?

Tetanically yours ,
Andre .

Appendix III
Lack of CO2 causes muscles to contract in contradictory fashion . This leads to reduced efficiency of muscles . Including breathing .

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