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Size of the Human Soul .

Size of the Human Soul.

Andre Willers
14 Aug 2013
The radius of the human soul size varies between 80 and 400 meters . Not all the elements of the soul is subject to gravity , so a distinction is made between Mass and Weight of the Soul . This gives rise to many quantum properties .
Discussion :
1.Measurement has established the weight of the human soul as about 21 gm . See Appendix A

2. Dark Matter Theory gives estimates of foundation of complex systems at about 10^-14  kg/cubic cm
See Appendix B
3.The assumption was that the soul is contained within the physical boundaries of the body . Yet we know that this is not true . Thus expand the envelope .
4. For a 21 gm weight , we require a size of soul of about 368 meters  radius .  (3 soccer fields)
For 21 gm mass  , we require a soul with radius of about 80 meters.
5. What does this mean ?
Think information transfer . Humans are distributed intelligences spread over radii ( 80  to 368 ) meters .
6.Many so-called paranormal effects can be described as a probability distribution in the ProbVector(0 ,80,368) .
7. The difference between weight radius (eg earth 1g  : 80 m) and mass radius (368 m ) .  The size of the soul is dependant on the gravitational field.
8. The Human soul fits inside the body envelope at about 10^5 g’s .  Singularities occur in high-g impact events .
9. Astronauts and other space travellers .
As gravitational forces decrease , the soul spreads . This is seen as mysticism by humans . Standard amongst astronauts ,
10. Using the above data points , you can calculate the exact deviation from the Party Line by distance from Earth .
11.Exit space program .
Kicking against the prickles .

Appendix A
Mass of human Soul Update I

Andre Willers
27 Mar 2013
Synopsis :
The mass of a human soul in a 11-dimensional universe should fluctuate between 21 – 50.5 gm .
Discussion :
1.See Appendix I . This was very approximate , especially as regards the degree of complexity .
2. Why 11 dimensions?
It seems indicated from latest theoretical physics for this locale .
3. Monad mass : 0.11576 gm as per Appendix I . The best estimate available .
4.Why 21 gm ?
There are two independent experimenters that got fairly similar results :
He got 21 gm in 1901
4.2 Dr Nils Olof Jacobson got the same result independently in 1969 .
4.3 Nobody else could be bothered , or could get funding .

5. Solve for the number of x of brain levels in 11 dimensions needed to give 21 gm soul mass .
5.1.Let x be the number of discrete , delineated brain levels of organization .
Then solve for combinations across 11 dimensions :
11! / (11-x)! / x! * 0.11576 = 21 by using Wolfram equation Solver .
The result is x= 3.1099 or x= 7.89
The mass curve has a maximum at x=5.5 with a mass of 50.5 gm .
Note that it is symmetrical around this axis of x= 5.5 . Which is bad news for extropians et al .
Present humans have 3 levels of brain complexity . (Hind brain , mid brain , cortex) . Adding much more than 2 levels of further complexity by whatever means becomes counter productive in this universe . Of course , there are up to 27 dimensions available .
But that requires some major redesign .
It would be rather discouraging to design smart matter and end up with something stupider than a simpler system .
Remember , the soul-mass is a measure of complexity .
6. Fat Souls .
Sigh .
More complexity does not necessarily mean more meaning . Think soapies .
Worse , think weight trainers and their ilk .
No wonder the re-incarnation rate is so high .

7.Interesting aside : Maximum mass of a Matrioshka Brain in this Universe :
Using the same arguments as above , M = 0.11576 * 2^27 gm .All combinations across 27 dimensions .
This gives M = 1.1576 * 10^4.1278 kg
M= 15 536 kg soul mass
Rating this up by the human ratio of 70kg/0.021 = 3333.33
Gives 51 786 667 kg mass . Smaller than a big aircraft carrier .
So much for solar Matrioshka Brains .
8. This universe seems deliberately designed to prevent runaway positive feedback systems . But whether that means that we are in a simulation or not is rapidly becoming a meaningless question . We can’t tell , and may never be able to tell . Even after death .
9. It does not address the central question of present entities .
Is Chocolate fattening to the soul ?

On that expanding note , regards
Appendix I
Mass of the Human Soul
Andre Willers
21 Apr 2011

We calculate the mass of the human soul from first principles .
A first order result : Soul mass = n! * 0.11576 gm .

Discussion :

See "Slingshots , Dark Matter and Dark Energy" Apr 2011. And previous relevant posts .

Note the argument that we are living in a simulation . This absolves me of ramming things down your throat .

Make of this what you will .

Argument :
AG is a dimensionless number .

αG can be defined in terms of any pair of charged elementary particles that are stable and well-understood. A pair of electrons, of protons, or one electron and one proton all satisfy this criterion. Assuming two electrons, the defining expression and the best current estimate of its value are:

Tease it apart :
Ag = m(e) / (h/2pi) * m(e) /{c/G}

Let A = m(e) / (h/2pi)
And B = m(e) /{c/G}

Dimensionally ,
A = seconds/meter squared
B= meter squared/ seconds .
So the product is a dimensionless number .

But we know that 1/ (h/2pi) is the complexity in a Beth(0) universe ..

See "Slingshots , Dark Matter and Dark Energy" Apr 2011. And previous relevant posts .

The first defineable things that will appear in a universe .

We can calculate it for our universe :
A= 9.109 * 10^ (-31) / (1.054 * 10^(-34))
= 8.638 * 10(+3) kg
This is the inverse of the minimum necessary mass to surface in Beth(0) universe for a soul .

The inverse is the minimum mass necessary .
1/A = 0.11576 * 10^(-3) kg .

This is 0.11576 gm per monad .
In delineated systems , soul-masses will increase factorially .
Soul mass

Weighing the Soul .
Can be done without death .
Use sleep .If n is big enough , a difference can be measured .

But this is like hunting the Snark .
What will you do with a Boojum ?

Andre .
Appendix B

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What is the weight of the human soul ?

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Jay Alfred

The idea of a material soul is not new. The Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, who lived in the sixth century BC, thought that the soul was composed of an unusually fine or rare kind of matter, such as air or fire. However, if it was material it had to have some weight. Barbara Brennan, former NASA engineer and now world-renowned energy healer, observes that ‘aura’ appears to have weight. Robert Monroe also believes that the ‘Second Body’ has weight, although much less than the carbon-based body. (The terms ‘aura’, ‘astral body’ and the ‘Second Body’ refer to what is generally described as the ‘subtle body’ in the metaphysical literature. The subtle body has often been loosely identified as the ‘soul’.) 

If the soul has weight, it means it has mass and is subject to Earth’s gravitational force. This has motivated various researchers, including Noetic Science, to undertake experiments to weigh the soul. In 1907, Dr. Duncan McDougall weighed six patients, while they were in the process of dying from tuberculosis. When death was imminent, the entire bed of the patient was quickly placed on a highly sensitive industrial sized scale. In each case, when the patient expired, he noticed an extremely small sudden change in the weight of the deceased which could not be accounted for by other means. The missing mass, which this weight loss represented, was used to support his hypothesis that the body had a soul which had mass. On the death of the visible body, the soul departed, and so did this mass. The weight of the soul, based on the average loss of mass in six patients, was measured by McDougall to be 21 grams. A paper summarising his findings appeared in the journal American Medicine in 1907. One critic quickly pointed out that the sphincter and pelvic floor muscles relax at death, and that the loss was perhaps due to ejected urine and/or faeces. McDougall rebutted that if this were the case, the weight would remain upon the bed and, therefore, upon the scale. 

Someone else suggested that the dying patients’ final exhalation might have contributed to the drop in weight. To disprove this, McDougall climbed into the bed and exhaled “as forcibly as possible” while his assistant watched the scale. No change was observed. Another critic reasoned that body weight was being continually lost as water escapes into the air through What is the Weight of the Human Soul? An Estimate Based on Dark Matter Statistics 70 NEW DAWN ¦ Special Issue No. 15 the evaporation of perspiration and the water vapour that goes out with the breath. McDougall claimed to have accounted for this also. His first patient, he wrote, lost water weight at the rate of an ounce per hour, far too slowly to explain the sudden threequarter- ounce (about 21 grams) drop precisely at the time of death. In the 1920s, Dutch physicists Drs Malta and Zaalberg Van Zelst claimed that the (physical-etheric) subtle body is capable of expanding by 1.26mm and contracting by 8mm. According to them, it was composed of “extremely small and widely separated” atoms and had a density of 176.5 times lighter than air and weighed, on average, 69.5 grams (or about two-and-a-quarter ounces). The description that the ‘atoms’ were widely separated means that the particle density in the subtle body was low. This and the observation that the body could expand and contract suggest that the subtle body was composed of low density plasma, which could vary its density to some extent.

In 1988, Noetic Science carried out experiments on the largest number of patients and concluded that the human soul weighs 1/3,000th of an ounce. The experiments were carried out by East German researchers who weighed more than 200 terminally ill patients just before and immediately after their deaths. In each case the weight loss was exactly the same – 1/3,000th of an ounce. This is approximately 0.01 gram or 10-5 kg. The expert’s report on these experiments, co authored by physicist Elke Fisher, was criticised by Gerard Voisart, a leading French pathologist, who said that the weight difference between the living and dead could be accounted for by air leaving the lungs. However, Drs. Fisher and Mertens pointed out that this was considered in their calculations. Furthermore, they argued that the device they used to weigh the ‘soul’ had a margin of error of less than 1/100,000th of an ounce or 0.0003 grams.

“It occurred to us that the weight loss could be the result of an instantaneous physical deterioration,” said Dr. Fisher. “But after exhaustive study we agreed – that was not the case. The only possible explanation is that we were measuring the loss of the human soul or some kind of life force.” Dr. Becker Mertens of Dresden claimed in the German science journal Horizon that the only logical conclusion is that the existence of the human soul had been confirmed and its weight determined. “The challenge before us now is to figure out exactly what the soul is composed of,” he said. “We are inclined to believe that it is a form of energy. But our attempts to identify this energy have been unsuccessful to date.” This author’s Dark Plasma Theory, first published in 2006, proposes that these bodies are composed of low density plasma of dark matter particles. dARK PLASMA THEORY ESTIMATE Dark Plasma Theory holds that there is a halo of low density plasma around the Earth composed of exotic A sensational New york times news story from 1907 reports on Dr. Duncan McDougall's (pictured left) experiments to discover the weight of the human soul. Special I ssue No. 15 ¦ NEW DAWN 71 (asymmetric) dark matter particles. This view, which was new in 2006, is supported by some scientists currently. 

Minimal (dark) plasma cells developed in this ‘dark biosphere’ after Earth formed. Over more than 4 billion years these first cells evolved into complex dark plasma life forms. Being plasma life forms they exhibit features commonly seen in ordinary standard plasma. Heraclitus was probably close to the mark when he hypothesised that the soul was composed of a rare ‘finer substance’ which appeared like air or fire to him – two substances which, from a lay perspective, would bear a close resemblance to plasma. However, the reader should take careful note that these life forms are not composed of ordinary shortlived plasma but non-standard plasma composed of dark matter particles, which is invisible to most humans (just as dark matter is). Some of these life forms formed symbiotic relationships with members of the human species and co-evolved, integrating with the living carbon-based human body. On the death of the carbonbased bodies, the dark bioplasma bodies separate and return to their societies in the dark biosphere (i.e. Earth’s dark matter halo). It is these exotic life forms that are popularly called the ‘souls’ of human beings. In order to estimate the density and weight of the ‘soul’, i.e. the human bioplasma body, we must first estimate the density of dark matter particles on Earth. 

Dark Matter Density Around Earth 

The background galactic halo dark matter density is estimated to be about 5.35 x 10-28 kg cm-3. Xu and Siegel, from the University of Arizona, estimated the mass of dark matter within the Solar System (between 0.2 AU and 100 AU) to be 1.07 x 1020 kg (or 1.78 x 10-5 the Earth mass) (AU=Astronomical Unit. This is a unit equal to the distance of the Earth from the Sun). The mass of dark matter within the orbit of Earth (i.e. within 1 AU) was estimated to be 7.69 x 1019 kg. The corresponding dark matter density was approximately 9.65 x 10-23 kg cm-3. This is five orders of magnitude greater than the background galactic halo dark matter density. Xu and Sigel’s estimate that the dark matter density around Earth exceeds the galactic halo density significantly has been correlated by Stephen Adler from Princeton University. 

Anomalies relating to accelerations, observed during fly-bys of spacecraft orbiting the Earth, suggest that the dark matter density around Earth had been significantly understated (as suggested earlier by this author). According to Adler the magnitude of the observed anomalies requires dark matter densities many orders of magnitude greater than the galactic halo density. Adler suggested that by comparing the total mass of the Earth- Moon system (determined by lunar laser ranging) with the sum of the lunar mass (determined by its gravitational action on satellites or asteroids) and the Earth mass (determined by the LAGEOS geodetic survey satellite), a direct measure of the mass of Earth-bound dark matter lying between the radius of the Moon’s orbit and the geodetic satellite orbit can be obtained. Based on this, the mass of Earth-bound dark matter must be less than 4×10-9 of the Earth’s mass, giving an upper dark matter mass limit of 2.32 x 1016 kg. (This is less than one-hundredth-millionth of Earth’s mass and therefore has negligible effects on gravity.) According to Adler, to explain the flyby anomalies, Earth-bound dark matter would have to be concentrated within a radius of about 70,000 km around Earth, within a volume of approximately 1.44 × 1030 cm3. For the dark matter mass within this volume not to exceed 4 × 10-9 of the Earth’s mass, the mean dark matter density would have to be about 10-14 kg cm-3. This is greater than the background galactic halo dark matter density by fourteen orders of magnitude. Based on the analyses above, it is reasonable to conclude that there exists a halo of dark matter particles around the visible component of the Earth within a An 18th century print depicts the soul rising from the body. 72 NEW DAWN ¦ Special Issue No. 15 Jay Alfred is the author of Dark Plasma Theory (formerly described as “plasma metaphysics”). 

Jay has been researching dark plasma life forms since 2001. He is the author of three books on the Dark Plasma Theory: Our Invisible Bodies (2006), Between the Moon and Earth (2007) and Brains and Realities (2006), which are available on all Amazon, Borders and other online bookshops. He is the Research Director of Dark Plasma Life Research Organisation and a Consultant at ARPAST (Arkansas Paranormal and Anomalous Studies Team), a science-based research group that studies anomalous and currently unexplained phenomena. His organisation’s website is radius of approximately 70,000 km. Earth’s dark matter halo has been dubbed “Dark Earth” by the author and its attributes, based on the most recent estimates, compared to the visible Earth, are given below: 

Dark Earth Visible Earth Mass 2.32 x 1016 kg 5.97 x 1024 kg Volume 1.44 × 1030 cm3 1.08 x 1027 cm3 Mean Density 10-14 kg cm-3 5.5 x 10-3 kg cm-3 Mean Radius 70,000 km 6,371 km The above estimates show that the dark matter halo would be three orders of magnitude or about 1.33 x 103 or 1,330 times larger in volume than the visible rocky Earth. This approximates with the dimensional relationship between the volume of Jupiter’s huge gas envelope and its tiny rocky core (the latter approximates the volume of the visible rocky Earth). In other words, we would expect an envelope of dark matter particles the size of Jupiter around the visible component of the Earth with a mean density of 10-14 kg cm-3. 

Weight of the Soul 

A man weighing 100kg is approximately 100 litres or 105 cm3 in volume. Based on a mean density of dark matter of 10-14 kg cm-3 (as estimated above) and the approximate volume of the human body of 105 cm3, the weight of the human bioplasma body (or the ‘soul’) is estimated to be: 105 cm3 x (10-14 kg cm-3), multiplied by the gravitational acceleration of 10 ms-2, or approximately 10-8 Newtons. However, in lay language, this is often taken to be 10-8 kg. Estimated Weight of the Soul: Based on Noetic Science Experiment 10-5 kg Based on Dark Matter Statistics 10-8 kg The weight of the soul, as measured in the Noetic Science experiment was 10-5 kg while the estimate based on dark matter statistics in this article is even lower at 10-8 kg. Considering that the dark matter estimate was the mean density, one should not expect a very close correlation. Bioplasma bodies may actually be denser than the surrounding environment (in the dark biosphere). The measurement in the Noetic Science experiment may also contain a certain percentage attributable to the weight of unaccounted ordinary matter. Looking at the broad picture, therefore, these estimates can be considered quite close. We hope that this finding will motivate further experiments to weigh the human soul using more sensitive scales in controlled settings. 


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Article Copyright© Jay Alfred - reproduced with permission.

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