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Toxin for Pain

Toxin for Pain

Andre Willers
16 Aug 2013
Synopsis :
Capsaicum -> Resiniferatoxin(RTX) -> Botulinum toxin in evolutionary sequence . Related . RTX is a too potent intermediary form . All kill butons on dentrites , but the later targeting is more precise .
Discussion :
1.Take a capsicum molecule . ( ) , tack on a complex on one side ( ) , then on the other side as well ( )

2.Part of the Plant-Herbivore Wars .
Plants normally prefer to co-opt animals (rewards like poppy(opium ,heroin) or coca(cocaine) are normally used . But there is also a decrease in warning pain .
This is usually found in conjunction with some symbiont (like a coral reef) .
3.RTX and pain .
See “Prickly Painkiller”  Scientific American July 2013 p 11 .
“RTX homes in and kills only those neurons that produce a protein called TRPV1 , which transmits the sensation of noxious heat and inflammation . It does not harm normal tissue and other pain-sensing nerves.”
But a one-off kill of pain nerves is not optimal for the plant . It will be more successful if the same animal returns again and again . Gets addicted . Eventually fertilize the plant with it’s corpse .

4.Botox and RTX
Seen happening right now . RTX is final , like a vasectomy or tubal ligature . The pain nerve is dead permanently .
Most humans will choose an open-ended option .
Botox kills butons in a certain class of nerves .
5.Botox with RTX
Botox with very, very small amounts of RTX should have some very interesting effects . You can make the fix permanent , but this seems generally a Bad Idea .
6.Curry .
A lot of capsaicum will interfere with these processes .
If a patient eats hot curries , botox therapy will wear off quicker .
7.BreakUp products .
Simple molecules like capsaicum , instead of breaking down and becoming less complex , become more complex .
Not everything in the cauldron of a cell is programmed (deliberately so) . Some novel molecules form . If they are advantageous , they are selected .
But the process is very fast (not related to DNA) . Epigenetic if successful .
This sequence (Capsaicum,RTX,Botox) is recreated in the gut cells seconds after eating a curry . After 3 generations there is an epigenetic coding .
8.Chaperones :
This sequence has been around a long time . Chaperone molecules have evolved to speed up BreakUp products .
And RTX is the next step after capsaicum .
9.What does this mean ?
Societies that eat a lot of capsaicums like curries , chillies ,etc . lose empathy . As BreakUp RTX kills pain nerves permanently , greater and greater stimuli are needed .
Think Aztec  or serial killers after asprin .
10.True love .
Requires empathy . Fellow feeling of pain . For that you would have had to feel pain .
Love goes better with no curry .
11.Interesting aside :
Monogamous plants ?
A bit farfetched even for me . But there is a niche . In desert conditions or extremely fertile conditions . RTX coding is used to initiate speciation .
Delineate boundaries .
Insist that the garlic cloves must be from the same pod . Your gustatory success depends on it .

12.Botulinus or RTX poisoning :
Flooding the system with capsaicum should help
Smoothing Botox delineation : capsaicum .  A nice hot curry .
With RTX poisoning , a bit more robust reaction is called for .
Ground 3 garlic cloves out of the same pod in a bit of water . Suck it up into a syringe and inject it intravenously . Better than nothing .
A sort of anti-pain . This will give a high because of endorphin releases  (the hurt stops) . But it is addictive (the hurt will resume) .

Extra–currycularly yours
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