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Immortality Update 5 ExRad

Immortality Update 5 : ExRad

Andre Willers
25 Dec 2013
“I love it when a plan comes together!”    Hannibal Smith , A-Team .
A simple molecule that stimulates the repair of radiation and free-radical damage . Actual DNA and bone marrow repair .

Discussion :
A simple molecule to trigger old-age repair .
A more complicated molecule to repair DNA and free-radical damage
Ex-Rad (or Ex-RAD), also known by the code name ON 01210.Na, is a drug developed by Onconova Therapeutics and the U.S. Department of Defense.[1][2] This newly developed compound is said to be a potent radiation protection agent. Chemically, it is the sodium salt of 4-carboxystyryl-4-chlorobenzylsulfone.[3]

Clinical trials[edit]
The results of two Phase I clinical studies in healthy human volunteers indicate that subcutaneously injected Ex-Rad is safe and well tolerated, with "no evidence of systemic side effects".[4] A study in mice demonstrated the efficacy of Ex-Rad by increasing the survival rate of mice exposed to typically lethal whole-body irradiation. The study tested oral and parenteral administration of Ex-Rad for both pre- and post-exposure radiomitigation.[1]
Research on Ex-Rad has involved collaboration with the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute (AFRRI), the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular & Cellular Biology at Georgetown UniversityLong Island University's Arnold & Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy, and the Department of Oncological Sciences at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine.[1]
Mechanism of action[edit]
Onconova suggests that Ex-Rad protects cells exposed to radiation against DNA damage, and that the drug's mechanism of action does not involve scavenging free radicals or arresting the cell cycle. Instead, they claim it employs a "novel mechanism" involving "intracellular signaling, damage sensing, and DNA repair pathways".[4] Ex-RAD is a chlorobenzylsulfone derivative that works after free radicals have damaged DNA. Onconova CEO Ramesh Kumar believes this is a better approach than trying to scavenge free radicals. “Free radicals are very short-lived, and so the window of opportunity to give a drug is very narrow,” he says. In cell and animal models, Ex-RAD protectshematopoietic and gastrointestinal tissues from radiation injury when given either before or after exposure.[5]
3.Combine NAD and Ex-Rad .
A potent combination of DNA and Epigenetic signalling molecules , triggering self-repair and roll-back .
Note the Sulfur atom in ExRad : a tie-in to the H2S hibernation systems . See
4.The trigger seems to involve access and/or creation of pockets of DNA specially saved for roll-back operations .
Reasonable , as pockets of cancers can be seen as high-risk bio-labs evaluating risky chemicals on fast-forward .
As discussed previously .
5. If something still goes wrong :
Then use CRISPR to correct DNA , then use Ex-Rad and Nad .
6.The tools now exist for a serious attempt at anti-agathics .
7. Will this cause serious social problems ?
Ie will the old keep a death grip on resources ?
8.Ho-ho-ho !
I used to think so too . But think it through .
The bottleneck is memory . The human sensorium is simply too small to remember everything .
What did you have for breakfast 60 years ago ?
Memory , and the mirror of personality is a travelling wave , dropping old stuff and assimilating new experiences .
For societies , they compensated with Families , Gens , Clans , Dynasties , tribes , Nations , etc . Group memory structures .
You know what happened to them .
As for corporate  controls , see .
Unstable as hell . (See what happened to Standard Oil)

Enhanced humans (ie longevity + AI extensions ).
They don’t remain human for very long . Lose interest in childish games .
9.Food for all these long-lived ones .
9.1 Present decision makers will have to channel much greater resources into fundamental research and space travel , as they themselves will survive to need it .
9.2 There is another semi-stable point : drastic depopulation and an Old-Egyptian style Eco-Religion trying to keep the lid on .
This solution is unstable because of chaotic influences outside control of anybody .
Merry Xmas to all .


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