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Immortality Update4- Old Age and S&M

Immortality Update 4 : Old Age and S&M

Andre Willers
23 Dec 2013
Synopsis :
Old Age is a form of self-inflicted Sado-Masochism . To attain or survive immortality , you need to get rid of S&M .
Discussion :
1.Masochism and Sadism aren’t opposites , but arises from completely unrelated neurological causes . Which is why an individual can have both at the same time .
2.Masochism is closely related to Learned Helplessness . See
Learned Helplessness is not the same as depression , but a neurological state that can easily be induced from cockroaches onwards . See Sapolsky .
Its opposite would then be Confidence .
3. Sadism is closely related to Mania .
“Mania is a state of abnormally elevated or irritable mood, arousal, and/or energy levels. In a sense, it is the opposite of depression.”
The pleasure is in the activation of all the pleasure/dominance neural pathways .
Undirected mania can easily degrade into sexual or power sadism .
Directed mania is common : ie “driven” individuals . Overriding goals .
4. Meme-Grid :
Set the Opposite Memes in a grid .
Sum diagonally for various values of the grid . (Remember , the x-y axes  are opposites)
The diagonal sum boundaries are 2 . The other values are 1 .
Consider the extremes .
The maximum is as below :
Sum = 2 for Internal S&M : If Confidence=1/Mania=1 and Learned-Helplessness=1 /Depression =1
Your typical manic-depressive

                                   Confidence                   Learned-Helplessness
Mania                                1                                          0
Depression                        0                                          1
The other Sum=2 is  : If Depression=1 and Learned-Helplessness=1 .  A horrible place to be .

                                   Confidence                   Learned-Helplessness
Mania                                0                                          1
Depression                        1                                          0
5. What does this mean ?
If you want to survive Immortality , or even attain it , the meme-grid should be like this :
The Diagonal Sum=1 is  : If Mania=1 and Learned-Helplessness=1 . 
Surprise ! Surprise !
Some Learned-Helplessness is essential to survival .
I always wondered why it had not been selected out .

                                   Confidence                   Learned-Helplessness
Mania                                1                                          1
Depression                        0                                          0
Catatonia (Death)  : the meme-grid should be like this :
The Diagonal Sum=1 is  : If Depression=1 and Learned-Helplessness=1 . 

                                   Confidence                   Learned-Helplessness
Mania                                0                                          0
Depression                        1                                          1

6. What to do ?
6.1 Manic-Confidence :
Numerous drugs and psychological techniques are known .
6.2 Manic-LearnedHelplessness .
The techniques for inducing Learned-Helplessness are easy and well known . See
The techniques for inducing Mania are well known .
Combine the two under discipline .
Been done , of course .
Kung-Fu , Karate , etc .
But we have to it better down to neurological , cellular and mitochondrial level , while maintaining Manic Confidence .
7. That is to prevent you from beating yourself up in S&M fashion at intra-cellular level .
8.It is then a matter of communication between centers .
Intra-Cellular communication . See Appendix A for the latest findings in reversing ageing by restoring balance between cell and mitochondria communication .
NAD molcules prevents mitochondrial learned-helplessness from becoming too bad , while restoring the cellular command structures (ie confidence ) .
See a quick summary of the mechanism for cellular command in repeated in Annexure B for your convenience .
9. Psychological Effects :
In time-honoured psychoanalytical fashion , reading and understanding the above Meme-grids changes Learned-Helplessness responses .
The subjective effect is like a weight being lifted , a sense of freedom . Confidence is boosted and the whole feedback system gets into gear (something not discussed above) .
10 . PTSD : a nice little bonus .
PTSD is a typical Self-S&M system . Just reading and understanding the Meme-grids will make the nightmares shrink .
Which is why I am writing this .
Works for me . Hopefully for you , too .
Manically , yet depressingly ,
Appendix A
Finding a way to stop the ageing process has been an elusive, age-old dream. Now scientists from Australia and the US believe they have not only found a way to press pause – but to rewind the ageing process as well.
While the study was conducted using mice, molecular biologist David Sinclair from the University of New South Wales and Harvard University said the findings were significant and could have implications for the treatment of age-related diseases such as cancer and type 2 diabetes.
The research team discovered a key mechanism that keeps the body's cells communicating. In youth, communication inside individual cells – between the cell's "battery" known as the mitochondrion and the nucleus – is fast and frequent. But over time, this slows and ageing accelerates.
"The ageing process we discovered is like a married couple – when they are young, they communicate well. But over time, living in close quarters for many years, communication breaks down," Professor Sinclair said. "And just like a couple, restoring communication solved the problem."
To improve communication inside cells, researchers gave mice injections containing the naturally occurring compound NMN, which raises the levels of a molecule called NAD. This molecule repairs the cells' communication network.
Previously the only way to slow the dropoff in NAD levels in old age was to restrict calories and exercise intensively.  
In the study, the Sydney researchers used mice that are considered equivalent to a 60-year-old human and  older mice, equating to a 90-year-old human. A control group of mice were fed a calorie-restricted diet.
The results, outlined in the scientific journal Cell on Friday, were better for the younger mice, which were able to rewind the ageing process within a week. The treatment effectively transformed a 60-year-old into a 20-year-old on some measures, including the degree of muscle wastage, insulin resistance and inflammation.
"If the compound is administered early enough in the ageing process, in just a week, the muscles of the older mice were indistinguishable from the younger animals," said co-author Nigel Turner from UNSW's pharmacology department.
The older mice showed some improvement, but it was not as dramatic.
"It may be in the future that your age in years isn't going to matter as much as your biological age," Professor Sinclair said.
"What we've shown here is that you can turn back your biological age, or at least we think we have found a way to do that."
He said seeing results so quickly came as "a complete shock".
Professor Sinclair said he hoped to start human trials next year.

Annexure B
Thursday, November 05, 2009
Phene Systems.
Phene Systems.
Andre Willers
5 Nov 2009

Synopsis :
Cellular-wall control systems(phenes) of epigenetic and virus systems are becoming known and described .

Discussion :
See NewScientist 8 Aug 2009 p 41 "Kills all known germs" by B Holmes .
Relevant research by Philip Thorpe at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas .

See also "Coffee Foam" 2 Aug 2009 and later .

The argument is simple : self-replicating structures started on the walls of bubbles (probably clay : Gecko life) . These developed into the present day epigenetic control structures of processes inside the bubbles (ie cells) .
Viruses are messengers/controls both for intra-cellular and extra-cellular use .
Which is why they are usually wrapped in variants of the cell-wall .

Phosphatidylserine :
From the NewScientist article , this is a molecule mostly found sticking out of the inner lining of the cell-wall . Virus budding entails that this molecule is then found in particular patterns sticking out of the outside the outer cell-wall .

We expect such a mechanism if the cell-wall harbours the meta-controls (ie epigenetics) of the cell and some multicellular activity (ie virus messenger generation).

Humans have created antibodies that inactivate or target-for-destruction the bits of the Phosphatidylserine molecule sticking out of the cell-wall .

This will break the feedback-cycle of a large range of harmful viruses (apparently including HIV , Flu's , some cancers) .
Bavituximab ( a name only a Pharma could love) does exactly this . Expect to see a lot of it .

The question is :
Why are these antibodies not part of the body's normal immune system ?
The virus system is also used for information carrying .

Suppressing the virus system completely will destroy a multicellular organism , and make it revert to a collection of individual cells , even down to elemental chemicals if done properly . (Cf Ebola , SuperEbola , etc)

This can be bypassed by shining intense , quantum-entangled infra-red light through the mess (see previous posts) .

The normal system has to play a delicate balancing act between destruction from bad viruses and good,communication viruses .

If the baddies get too big an influence , intervention might be required . This is the duty of the epigenetic system . Why is it falling down on the job ?

The Dendritic Immune sytem
This is the connection between the synapse-type learning systems and the phene-system in the cell walls .

The dendritic immune system's effectiveness is magnified by at least 3 orders of magnitude by a continuous sharp pressure-differential . The search space is drastically reduced by stochastic resonance . (The proof is either immediately obvious or very long).

Hence modern music and it's prevalence .

Your chances of survival is about 10^3 better if you listen to some semi-random rock.
Hence iPod and others . This is a real effect .

But we can do better than that by internal Click programming .
You know : Clicking the tongue , beak , teeth , exoskelet .

There is no animal with synapses or an immune system that makes no clicks at some stage .
This is actually quite amazing .

We would then expect plants to be noisy . And they are , on very low frequencies . This is how desert elephants survive : they hear the bulbous plants growing by the low-frequency pulses sensed through their feet . A patch of bulbs would have a signature low-frequency pulse observable from a long way off . (The bulbs would evolve-learn to spurt growth at the same time . This would lessen the chance of detection and eating by close-by herbivores not as smart as elephants)

Click-talking plants .
Better than just talking to them . But try some castanets . Tap-dancing will work too , but the neighbours will think you're really crazy tap-dancing to the plants . Tojours .

Grinding your teeth .
A common complaint , usually explained away as stress . Actually , your teeth are trying to click together . A part of the body's housekeeping routine . Programming the gums and intestinal tract .

Just for the hell of it , click your teeth together 5 times together with 5 double-tongue clicks interspersed as you feel . Count them . You will feel an immediate stress-relief feeling . Blood pressure will drop . Be careful if medication to lower blood pressure is taken .

I just thought of the above , and tried it .
The teeth (molars mostly) must click against each other . You will notice there is a damage-control protocol hardwired in . The teeth will click , but not hard enough to cause damage . This already tells us that this is an old system .

The natural tendency will be for a double-teeth click , followed by a double tongue-click with the mouth open . The process then repeats , varying the teeth , tongue and mouth open/closed .

Be careful of hypotension of the cardiovascular system . The stress relief is very pronounced . Especially around the neck and upper shoulder muscles .

Teeth-grinding should cease .

But why ?
I did not expect this . But the effect is so pronounced that I cannot ignore it .
The neck and shoulder muscles do not relax through an effort of will or exercise . They just relax . (Sort of melt) .

Maybe a double bite-bite on empty air signals the end of an aggressive episode , and for expensive fight-or-flight mechanisms to stand down .

This would make this fairly deep-wired , certainly deeper than psychological stress .

Phene effects .
The stand-down is an immediate stand-down , regardless of the number previous stress-generating events . This must be true , since this is the epigenetic programming system . There is no other memory system .

Phene programming of immune-systems , bone-growth , digestion , neural growth etc ,are immediately affected . Genes are switched from crisis to maintenance . Using the carbohydrate-energy mechanism is a short-term crisis mechanism .

Standing down the mechanism should ameliorate conditions like Diabetes II .

Or getting fat .

Want to get thin ?
The algorithm :
Double-teeth click , followed by a double tongue-click with the mouth open . The process then repeats , varying the teeth , tongue and mouth open/closed .
Repeat at least ten times a month .
That’s it .

Can it be this simple?
Yes .

Why has nobody thought of it before ?
As far as I am aware , nobody in our recorded history has thought that the click of teeth together can have physiological effects . Prehistoric societies were probably aware of the effect .

Yet it does , as you can find out for yourself .
The same for the simplicity . Simple causes has wide effects , because they are so basic . You must look at the whole argument .

In any case , there is hardly any risk .
I am doing it . Tojours!

Hasta la vista !
Coming or going .

Andre .


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