Friday, December 27, 2013

Matadora Opera


Andre Willers
28 Dec 2013
Matadora .
Libretto for Aida sequel .
Verdi's sequel to Aida , "Matadora"

The Minotaur realizes he is being led by the nose by tentacles of Cthulhu into the Labyrinth .

But he is shown the way out by the Matadora of Wall Street , a reincarnated Dancer from Knossos .

The Cthulhu bankers foreclose on her . 

She dies of cold and hunger on Wall Street , while doing the Bull pas-de-deux on Facebook .

Trite , but the point is Archetypes , not logic .
The Minotaur is not the Monster , but the Victim . And she leads him to salvation .
But she is punished for this .
The real monster is Cthulhu , a personification of the evil of systems , especially banking .

First try libretto :
Sings :
Death of horns
I tread his breath
I gather all his morns
In this wisp of death
and spin the silver twine
binding me and mine
Vile tentacles bind and strain
and weave webs of pain
Your silver thread
Steers hoof and head .
Now the thunder of the dust
Does as needs must.
Perfumes of hope
vanished in tentacles of despair .
Frozen out in the hungry cold
I dance the steps of the Free .
My feet spin
The silver threads of immortality .
Have fun !


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