Friday, December 06, 2013

Mmdinare submarine ruins

Andre Willers
6 Dec 2013
Ruins from Makgadigadi Sea era now partially preserved underwater.

Discussion :
1.See picture . The linear line of present islands are the remains of a dam wall

2.See Old Marib dam in Yemen
Or what remains of it  .
Note the similar construction .

See New dam . Old dam is submerged .

The same as in Mmdinare .

Where do they come from ?
The Marib dam in Yemen collapsed at least three times in this period (ie before about 1400 CE) . Each collapse triggered a wave of refugees into Ethiopia , who then migrated into Africa in groups . That is why their DNA markers can still be traced after millennia .
The were expert gardiners and dam builders . During the last period when the Makgadigadi sea was shrinking , communities like at Mmdinare were still quite rich . But they were worried . Rainfall was diminishing and the inland sea was visibly shrinking .
Mmndinare was one of the few places where a large water catchment was possible .(Why there is even a bigger dam there , now 2013 CE)  .

So , they built a large Marib-type earth-fill dam . The ruins of this can clearly be seen on the photo .
  Dams of this type usually fail catastrophically . So there should still be a lot of worked gold , flint , copper , semi-precious stones underwater at these sites .
All you need is some scuba gear and a sense of adventure .
Treasurehunters should be aware that their prize (even on the black market) is much more valuable if there is some provenance . So , photo ,photo , photo  with GPS .

If you see Ozymandiaz , ask him who painted his toenails . You see , civilization is not dead .


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