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Gecko Zeropoint Energy

Gecko Zeropoint Energy

Andre Willers
12 Jan 2014
Use Van Der Waals Forces and the Schwinger Limit to create macroscale zeropoint energy .
Discussion :
Brutally simplified , Force= A*R/(12*r^2) , where A ~10^-19 Joules and R is size of macromolecule in meters , and r is the distance between two globes .
Where chaos starts . Non-linearity.
Electric field=1.3 *10^18 V/m
Force on an electric charge at Schwinger limit is = 1.6*10^(-19)  *1.3*10^18
                                                  = 0.208 Newtons
3. Combine the two :
When is the Van Der Waals force equal to Schwinger limit ? 
When does close contact go non-linear ?
When …
A*R/(12r^2)) = 0.208    … where A~ 10^(-19)
This gives the approximation :
r ~ 2*10^(-9) * (R)^(1/2)
Note the inclusion of R above makes this a relativistic argument . The size of the molecules are the determinants .
4.There are types of molecules
About R= 10/2 nanoMeter in  radius for the molecule  .
 This gives r ~ 1.41412*10^-12  meters for non-linear effects .
Well within human engineering parameters .

4.2 Crystals :
Like diamonds or neutron stars .
The molecule can be as large as you like .
Any two such structures about the size of the Solar System passing within one meter will generate non-linearities  within one meter .
4.3 Spin :
Spinning monolithic crystals (eg diamond , granite , etc) very fast , very close to each other will generate non-linearities at the interfaces .

5. Orders of magnitude :
Notice that these have dropped well into human capability range .
6.Fatal Attraction
Gecko predators . The Gecko system is far superior to fang and claw . So where are they ?
Another of Gaia’s Cicada Surprises .
They only appear at certain population densities . Proliferate and eat anything large . Then duck back into the genome .
Because they are too efficient . A pulsed reproductive  system enables their genome to survive the insane eating frenzies .



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