Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Who was Ildico?

Who was Ildico ?  

Andre Willers
15 Jan 2014 .
Synopsis :
A Circassian woman of surpassing beauty and intelligence . She killed Attilla , manage to survive it , and also took all his burial
treasures . Would have made a good modern divorce attorney .

Discussion :
1.       In 453AD, Attila the Hun married another wife. Her name was Ildico and although she was famous for her beauty, she was but one of many wives held by the great Khan. To celebrate the marriage, Attila and the rest of the wedding party enjoyed a night of heavy drinking. Early in the morning, he made his way to his bedchamber with his new. By the next day, he was dead. 
2.       Although a few sources say that Attila was murdered by Ildico, the majority of the sources agree that the death of the great Khan was a complete accident. The fix was in .
3.       Riven by factions . Hun-gary was always a split confederation after the death of Attila .
4.        If the legends can be believed, those followers diverted the river Tisza and buried him in the river bed in a triple coffin of gold, silver, and iron. They then diverted the river back to its normal course before being themselves murdered to prevent anyone from discovering his place of burial. This made it completely impossible for any of the Khan's many enemies to find his body and desecrate it.
5.       The Circassian women took the money . Don’t even try looking for it . It’s gone . Bought them safe haven in the Ottoman Empire about a 1 000 years later . (Circa 1820 CE)
6.       And Ildico’s descendents ?
7.       In Turkey , somewhere . Dug in deep.

Isn’t history wonderful ?


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