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KhoiSan Treasure

KhoiSan Treasure

Andre Willers
30 Nov 2014
Synopsis :
A large treasure of gold and diamonds was hidden by Khoisan chiefs , then forgotten after the pandemics .

Discussion :
1.Does it exist ?
Yes . The Khoi people’s movement went through some of the richest gold and diamond fields on the planet .
They picked up gold jewelry and shiny stones in trade .
Where is the gold , especially ? It’s very absence is extremely suspicious .

2. The Dutch under Van Riebeeck realized that their only hope of keeping any of the gold for themselves was by subterfuge .
So , in time-honored tradition they weakly salted a mine . Just enough to explain their ownership of the gold they extorted from the Khoisan .
“Yet few people, Capetonians included, are aware that Lion’s Head, that magnificent peak that sits adjacent to Table Mountain, came dangerously close to being mined following the discovery of a seemingly economically viable vein of gold in the closing decades of the nineteenth century.
From the moment white settlers arrived on the shores of the Cape of Good Hopein the midseventeenth century, Table Mountain was seen as a possible source of mineral wealth. Indeed, as early as 1654, Jan van Riebeeck, the first commander of the Cape, instructed his men to make a thorough investigation of the peninsula’s mineral potential. However, the exploration ventures did not uncover any metals of economic value.
Nevertheless, the hope that Table Mountain was rich in valuable metals, namelygold and silver, persisted and the baton of exploration was picked up from time to time over the next two centuries. But, as history shows, Lady Luck was never with those prospectors during their pursuit of wealth on the slopes of that majestic mountain.”

3. The Khoisan soon got wise . The gewgaws meant little to them except extreme danger .
So they sensibly gathered them all together (they weren’t completely stupid) and hid them somewhere .
4. Unfortunately , a series of diseases (measles , smallpox , whooping cough , etc) wiped out all those in the know .
5.Diamonds .
There seems to have been a flourishing secret trade in diamonds before the “official” discovery in 1867 . Kept secret from 1600’s , to everybody’s benefit except the taxman .
What is suspicious is how a few minor officials quickly and accurately identified something they should have had no experience about .
 Do you know what an uncut diamond looks like ? Or how to identify it .
6. How large a treasure ?
Tons of gold and diamonds , requiring a whole train of baggage oxen .
Notice the necklace and anklets in the contemporary painting below .
Precious metals . Where are they ?

7.Where would they hide it ?
Eyeballing google earth and maps , somewhere  just off the  R324 in the Zuurberge on the way to Barrydale .
A few billion and change , in any currency .
But it belongs to the Khoisan .

Keep provenance , and look under rivers .

9.There should be many anomalous artifacts from Zimbabwe , Ethiopia , Yemen , Middle East  , or even earlier .

Happy hunting .


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