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Prions and autism

Prions and Autism
Andre Willers
25 May 2012
Synopsis :
Autism can be characterised by excessive growth of prefrontal cortex neurones which are not successfully integrated . Various “STOP” and “START” codons are masked and apoptosis is not initiated . The mechanisms seem to be prion related .
Discussion :
Work by Courchesne ( indicates that things start getting screwed up in the second trimester of pregnancy .
Too many neurons should mean smarter ? Only if it is integrated in some way .
It is like putting a i3 processor in your XP computer . Bottlenecks appear all over the place . Not so nice if you are the computer .
The system tries to adapt (this is how intelligence evolved , after all) .
Nicotine and alcohol are moderately successful . They slow down neural transmission speeds so some integration is possible .

Top-Down Approach .
The biochemical situation around the second trimester is impossibly complicated (we are not smart enough) . Approaching it from old age is easier .
We know there are bursts of neuron-reorganization (growth) at ages 55 (menopause) , 25 (maturity) , 15 (puberty) , (-1/3 – 5 )(infancy) . Probably more , especially after age 55 .
Apoptosis .
We also know that there is one trick that old systems have used , namely apoptosis . The mechanism is there . The autistic infant below age five years has not learned it sufficiently . A biochemical knowledge transference might be of use . A simple blood injection from the mother to the child of about 5 ml (0.1%) should kickstart the apoptosis mechanism . Be sure to give plenty of mental stimulation afterwards .
What do adults do ? Sex , of course . Various sexual maturity markers get transferred during intercourse . These influence various apoptosis and “STOP” expressions .
When sex stops at age about 55 (menopause) , the apoptosis stimuli stop (they are meant to focus the organisms mind on reproduction) . The organism gets smarter as neuron interconnections increase , but at a pace it can integrate . Grandmother is smarter than you are .
Fluoride .
See “Prions and XNA” and “Prions of Immortality” May 2012
This is age dependant . Adults (sexually active) would benefit from larger doses of fluorine , but children , and especially autistic children should take fluorine antagonists .
Just when you have no more teeth , you would benefit most from fluoridated toothpaste . Typical .
How it works : Little micron pockets of fluorine metabolism (also called cancer nodules) fast forward the evaluation of dicey genetic code . The results get distributed by a “fast” network , normally the conveyer-belt system in the basement of neurons . If this crashes , you get peripheral neuropathy .
This network is usually used to pre-prepare energy systems for large loads of sugar .
So the conclusion is that Diabetes II can be greatly ameliorated by fluoride supplements in adults .In children or pregnant woman , you are likely to get autism .
Very simply put , infantile loads of sugar and fluorine results in diabetes and autism .
What a stupid way to go extinct .

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