Monday, May 07, 2012

Why you have no tail

Why you have no tail.
Andre Willers
8 May 2012
Menstrual beats estrual in reproductivity stakes .
Discussion :
1.Apes (tailless) are menstrual . Most other animals (except rabbits) are estrual .
2.In estrual animals , the unfertilized eggs and plastrum is reabsorbed . Makes sense . But in menstrual animals , it is excreted . Leaving a bloody scent trail and a loss of vital nutrients .
3.Why ? Rate of fertility . We immediately suspect a prion .Something that blocks the “END” codon of some fertility hormones . Re-absorption of estrus does not occur , but is excreted . (“Periods” )
4. The estrual end sequences do not occur , and the female is immediately ready to conceive
5.Fertility is enhanced .
6.Tails : The menstrual ejecta has to go somewhere . A lot sticks on the hairs of the tail , making the female very vulnerable . So , the evolutionary process would be first to lose the hairs , then to shrink the tail . Like we have today . Even rat’s tails are hairless .
7. And your tail is a caudal appendage , hidden inside your backside’s skin .
8. And Rabbits ? I don’t know . You figure it out .Why do they have tails ?
9.AIDS :The driving agent of AIDS would seem to be a prion . Interfering with the reading of the “END” codon , driving the immune system . Rather simple .
10. Bush meat , anybody ? The prion would derive from tailless apes . A managed system would be simple : just target certain “END” DNA sequences with antibodies. But what do I know ?
11.Virtual tails :
Humans still have the machinery to use create and use virtual tails . You can imagine and feel them . Would this inactivate the AIDS prion ? Try .
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