Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Terror Cat

Terror Cat

Andre Willers
28 May 2013

Synopsis :
The Face of Fear . At subliminal levels . In repetition  , it replaces lesser fears .

Discussion :
The teeth could be a bit further apart .
But , still , a good idea of what  gives your amygdala the heebie-jeevies .
The amygdala has a limited memory , of a push-down nature .
Repeated exposure (just looking at the image) is enough  to reduce PTSD .
Well , our ancestors had enough close calls with these raptors to encode an amygdala “instinct” .
Scares the shit out of them .
Also pushes down the fear system in the amygdala . Also called desensitizitation .
But this is general . All PTSD’s get pushed down into oblivion if you keep on looking at this image .
It will help if you move your head from side-to-side more than 5X a  second . Prepared to be scared .

Initially , you will be scared . Blood pressure will elevate . Flight or fight mechanisms activate .
Repetition leads to lessening of effects as bio-memory is pushed down another notch in the amygdala .
Keep on for at least 10 minutes .
You will notice real tension relaxation . But keep on . At least 10 minutes is needed .
Basal hypertension and teeth-grinding should decrease dramatically .

Long-term potentionating is about 10 minutes .
Who cares ? Just look at the little bastard and feel your fears evaporate .
And this is not even a hyper-image .


Here , kitty , kitty .
What do you do if you meet a real http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dinofelis  ?
Then run like hell  and laugh like hell .
Where it all comes from .


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