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Born Eigen Values

Born Eigen Values

Andre Willers
15 Jul 2013
Synopsis :
Quantum systems are defined in linear systems . But they are really non-linear .

Discussion :

1.This rule is linear . No curves allowed .
Born rule
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Not to be confused with the Cauchy–Born rule in crystal mechanics.
The Born rule (also called the Born lawBorn's rule, or Born's law) is a law of quantum mechanics which gives the probability that a measurement on a quantum system will yield a given result. It is named after its originator, the physicist Max Born. The Born rule is one of the key principles of quantum mechanics. There have been many attempts to derive the Born rule from the other assumptions of quantum mechanics, with inconclusive results; the Many Worlds Interpretation for example cannot derive the Born rule.[1]

The basis of quantum mechanics .


2. Eigenvalues and eigenvectors

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An eigenvector of a square matrix A is a non-zero vector v that, when multiplied by A, yields the eigen vector multiplied by a single number\lambda; that is:
A v = \lambda v
The number \lambda is called the eigenvalue of A corresponding to v.[1]

A fancy way of saying things are linear .

3.Non-linear paths
A path inside the matrix can be described and is non-linear .
The Travelling salesman comes into play with optimizations .

4. What does this mean ?
4.1 Non-linear things can be approximated by linear systems .
4.2 The gaps in the approximations can be exploited .
Remember , (A + ~  A  <  Universum )

5.The Traveling salesman .
He travels along multi-dimensional matrices , in optimization paths , peddling wisdom or at least technology .

And Gaia is the Farmer’s Daughter .



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