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Rabies , Alzheimers and Formic acid

Rabies , Alzheimers and Formic acid

Andre Willers
17 Jul 2013
Synopsis :
Formic acid opens the Blood Brain Barrier(BBB) . This enables the immune system to interact with brain cells . Only to be used in very controlled circumstances .
Discussion :
1.The Blood Brain Barrier evolved from skin .  See Appendix A.
2.Formic acid bypasses skin . See Appendix B

3.In extremis :
If somebody is dying in convulsions from rabies , an infusion of formic acid might help .
Under more controlled conditions , it might help for some forms of brain cancers and plaques . (Eg alzheimers)
The immune system is quite capable of seeing these pests off , but is prevented by the Blood Brain Barrier .
4.Creating a portal in the BloodBrainBarrier .
4.1 A pulse of formic acid to open the barrier .
4.2 A pulse of botox to freeze it open .
4.3 Can be done in one capsule with hydrophilic and hydrophobic ends .
5.The cost :
Memories . The BBB evolved as a safeguard for the identity-complex . The immune system will scrub this .
The person won’t die physically , but the personality won’t survive .

6.Pain , etc
Long nerve damage (eg peripheral neuropathy) .
Micro-injections of formic acid is analogous to botox . It enables the body’s repair mechanisms .
Should help with auto-immune diseases like arthritis .
Maybe even degenerative diseases like Alzheimers .

7. Or  ants .
8.A bit of Formic acid with the Botox will make it permanent . But also reduce brain degeneration .
Beauty and Brains in Old age.
This would be a disaster if not for the rapid mutation rate in mental processes and memory caused by formic acid .
Live forever , but better keep a diary .

Appendix A
During lethal rabies infection of mice, the blood–brain barrier (BBB) does not allow anti-viral immune cells to enter the brain, the primary site of rabies virus replication. This aspect contributes to the pathogenicity of the virus and artificially increasing BBB permeability promotes viral clearance. Opening the BBB during rabies infection has been suggested as a possible novel approach to treating the disease, even though no attempts have yet been made to determine whether or not this treatment could be successful.[original r
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Appendix B
Training the Immune System
Andre Willers
12 Jan 2012
Commercially available desensitization technologies are now available for Milk , Peanut and DustMite allergies .

Discussion :
1.This involves skin-patches  , exposing the organism to prolonged exposure to the allergy-producing chemicals , but at such low levels that anaphylactic shock is not induced .
2.But , the learning systems of the Immune system are engaged (Dentritic cells)
See Appendix I
3.At least , some clinical testing of the three products available (milk , peanuts , dustmite asthma) is being done .
See http://www.dbv-technologies.com/en/ .
4.This is but a high-tech approach to the old-age approach to test for poisons . Put a sample of the material to be tested on the skin . Watch what happens .
 Used from Neolithic times . And present day doctors for allergies .
5.The Trick :
The skin usually prevents deleterious amounts of the allergy –producing chemical from passing through .
6.Plant-Herbivore Wars :
Some plants have developed ways of bypassing this barrier . Contact poisons . Like itching thistles , stinging nettles , etc.
Do not use the patches if you might be exposed to stinging nettles or their ilk .
7.Opportunity : Instant safe reprogramming .
These poisons can be used to deliver nano-levels of active allergens directly to the dendritic cells . Shortening the training period to fractions of a second .
8.This opens a whole new can of worms .
Near-instantaneous reprogramming of the immune system will have obvious shock effects . But this can be quite useful in things like melanoma’s .
See Appendix II .
Since only nanograms of the allergen is required , addition of the nettle-bypass chemicals will flood the dentritic cells with maybe too much information . (It is not a smart system).
But in the case of overproduction of particular allergens , these will train the immune system . Like cancers .
Note that the gut-system is but internal skin .
9.The buccal interface :
This will take place mostly in the mouth .
Very little survives the stomach acid-bath .
So swirl the nettle-soup in the mouth .
See Appendix III A
Your mother was right . Don’t gulp it down .

10 . Nettle-active capsules
Nettle-active Capsules that only dissolve past the stomach will need some thorough testing .
Buccal systems have some strong safeguards (they handle garlic  (Allicin) , after all . One of the most proficient cell-killers) 
But something like this would of great use in Crohn’s Disease and other intestinal auto-immune diseases .
For the active chemicals , see Appendix V A

11.Auto-immune Diseases :
These are obvious candidates . Especially that nasty Arthritis . A nettle-system patch combined with an alternate target like dust-mites (available) can make short work of arthritis .

12.Diabetes II
See Appendix III for a cure
You will also need Phene Systems : see Appendix IV
The exact molecular mechanism of Insulin docking to the Cell-wall has recently been worked out . It is an active system .
Portions of the Insulin molecule folds out to match portions of the cell-wall that also outfolds to latch together .
Which is why you need phene-systems .
The trigger seems to be formic acid .
See Appendix V A .
Formic acid is used extensively by insects and plants to bypass phene barriers . A simple molecule (as expected . It is very old-about 3 billion years)
It is an azeotrope (See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Azeotrope
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Vapor-liquid equilibrium of 2-propanol/water showing azeotropic behavior
An azeotrope (pron.: /əˈziːətroʊp/ ə-zee-ə-trohp or pron.: /ˈeɪziətroʊp/ ay-zee-ə-trohp) is a mixture of two or more liquids in such a way that its components cannot be altered by simple distillation.[1] This happens because, when an azeotrope is boiled, the vapor it produces has proportionate constituents as the original mixture.
These chemicals are favoured by evolution because they are invariant to phase change . They keep on working at any state.
Used extensively in hibernation systems to bypass cellular barriers . See Appendix VI A .

The molecule seems to have only five nexi , yet it seems able to collapse quantum – wavefronts ( see http://andreswhy.blogspot.com/search?updated-min=2012-01-01T00:00:00-08:00&updated-max=2013-01-01T00:00:00-08:00&max-results=50 )
Can it be simpler ? I don’t know . Four nexi will have to be designed , but I might be wrong .

Formic acid seems to be a sine-qua-non for multicellular organisms .
Quite surprising .

13, To get back to Diabetes II
We use the Buccal Transform :
Make a solution of Formic Acid < 2% , with a dash of serotonin and histamine . Add the active thingie you want the immune system to learn about .
13.1 Diabetes II
Add about 1 teaspoon of sugar/20 ml of lukewarm water . Stir and rinse the mouth extensively . See Appendix II A .Spit it out .
The spitting out is vital . The pulse of sugars must not reach the descending duodenal .
What is happening ?
The preparation system is notifying the descending duodenal system (see Appendix III A ) . A lot of sugar is coming . Then it does not arrive .
This is a pretty stupid system . After 3+1 iterations it stops believing the incoming signals and stands down .
Ordinary phene systems apply . A quick cure .
13.2 Other intestinal problems can be handled in an analogous fashion .

14.Outer-Skin problems .
Use Formic acid , serotonin and histamine patches(in correct proportion) plus target chemical .
Simple . Quick , too , with the Formic Acid .

14. Who would have thought ?
Ants are caught in a terrible cellular trap . They are forced into a communal mind by formic acid .

An interesting aside :
Bioengineering ants not to excrete formic will have interesting results . I would recommend Biolevel 5 Controls

15. Oxytocin and Formic Acid
Oxytocin is an expanded version of formic acid . Compare the molecular structures
See  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxytocin and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Formic_acid
Oxytocin has only one ring , so is topologically equivalent to dopamine .

16 .Does any molecule not collapse quantum-wavefronts ? It only seems like it . We are looking at a very specific sub-group .

Who would have thought that eating ants kick-started human evolution ?

“Feeling antsy is the beginning of wisdom “ Buddha-Ant


Appendix I


About VIASKIN® Technology 

When the VIASKIN® patch containing a specific allergen is applied to the skin of a patient with an IgE-mediated allergy - such as peanuts or milk - the allergens are deposited locally on the skin and are captured specifically by the skin's immuno-competent cells. This triggers the modulations of the immune responses. The epicutaneous exposure is non-invasive: the skin naturally prevents the allergen from entering the bloodstream and thereby dramatically reduces the risk of inducing anaphylaxis. The VIASKIN® patch is designed to be easily and painlessly applied by healthcare professionals and also by the patient or his/her parents at home, which facilitates compliance with the treatment. 
Appendix II
Nettle soup
Nettle soup is a traditional soup prepared from stinging nettles. Nettle soup is eaten mainly during spring and early summer, when young nettle buds are collected. Today, nettle soup is mostly eaten in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, but historically consumption of nettles was more widespread. Nettle stew was eaten by inhabitants of Britain in the bronze age, 3000 years ago.[1]

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