Friday, July 05, 2013

How to stop coughing .

How to stop coughing

Andre Willers
5 Jul 2013

Synopsis :
Coughing is caused by phlegm moving downwards . A Phlegm Heimlich manoeuvre stops the reflex .
Discussion :
1.Phlegm Heimlich manoeuvre starts moving phlegm up the airways .
2.In a cough , the following indrawn breath is as violent as the expel breath . The phlegm is temporarily halted , but continues sliding down . Triggering another cough .
3.In a phleghm Heimlich manoeuvre , the netto upward movement of the phlegm is positive, not triggering coughing reflexes .
4.Why ? The contraction of arm muscles is faster than relaxation .
5.Try it and see .
6. What is amazing is the fast response of the system . The cough stops immediately .
7. I tried it , and it works .
8. Obvious applications to emphysema .
9.It really does work . The cough reflex is only dependant on the movement of the phleghm .
10. And you can pump phleghm the same as food in the Heimlich Maneuvre .
11. Auto-Heimlich Maneuvre .
What I am doing . Coughing too much from smoking , I perform an auto Heimlich Maneuvre . The coughing stops immediately , and the airways start clearing .
12. A teensie-weensie problem .
It works too well .
It shouldn’t react so fast .

13. What to do in pollution territory:
Use auto-Heimlich
14. Flu .
Auto-Heimlich will significantly reduce flu times . Test it .



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