Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Super Coolants.

Super Coolants

Andre Willers
24 Jul 2013
Synopsis :
Super coolants are why we have only one large moon and very little super-volcano activity .
Discussion :
1.This is speculative .
2.Super coolants :
Carbon nanotubes +silicone oil  -> 160 % boost in thermal conductivity ( NewScientist6 July 2013 p38 “Fluid thinking”  Katherine Sanderson .
Why ?
It is the spin .
Linear vibrations (temperature) is translated into spin and then back again . But while in the spin state , the molecule penetrates further . This is supercooling .
3.Your little heat engine can be much more efficient if carbon nanotubes are added .
4.Terran reactors :
( NewScientist6 July 2013 p30 “The day the earth exploded”  Stuart Clark )
The geological processes concentrated fissile materials . Some areas did go critical   , like Oklo .
5. Or Blowing the Moon off .

6. Regardless , carbon nanotubes acting as super coolants kept the radioactive materials in the earth’s crust from going critical  .
7.The source of the carbon nanotubes is Gaia . The living system on the surface .
8. Another one of Gaia’s little feedback systems .
9. How to get filthy rich :
Just look at the material about 1-10 mm away from the fault . Look at the carbon nanotubes or buckyballs .
These will conduct heat at near super-conductor levels  , but will be cheap .
10 .Delicious !
Rocky planets like earth blow a large moon , then super-cooling prevents another blow-up .
But there are many mini-reactors. Called magma plumes .
Continents etc .

11 Earth type planets are common in gas clouds rich in carbon .
12 Terra forming Mars .
All it needs is some nano-catalyst to form super-coolants in Mons Olympus and the other big volcanoes .
Then step back . (The reaction  will be fairly enthusiastic )
13 Venus will be easier .
All you need will be some crystallization nano’s. The planet will repave .Blowing off a lot of CO2 in the process . This can be harvested . A few high velocity fly-by’s by asteroids can steer the blow-off towards Mars and Luna .
14 .Superconductors of the heart only work in tandem .


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