Monday, November 25, 2013

Atlantis II R'Lyeh update

Atlantis II update
Andre Willers
25 Nov 2013

Outpost of R'Lyeh on Bromley Plateau ? 


As Daniel Hejlik noted , track the truth by the bodyguard of lies .

Look at
30 degrees 11 minutes 29.76 secs S
36 degrees 23 minutes 22.94 secs W
on Google Earth seafloor map .

The Bromley Plateau .

Not as fancy as the Bermuda fakes , but the real thing never is .

Note the two harbours (typical military) and dikes . The tumuli also indicate a period of gradual subsidence , before a catastrophic quake and subsidence .

Note the peculiar "Z" shaped series of forts at the entrance of both harbours .(Near the center of the photo)

This gave complete control over the harbours . This civilization did not have gunpowder , but had trebuchet equivalents .

Note tumuli on the waterfront and surrounding lower lying areas .

If you Google around this site , you will see linear structures . The remains of fields and roads .

Have Fun !
Andre Willers

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