Friday, November 29, 2013

How to trace Zevatron guns .

How to trace Zevatron Guns

Andre Willers
29 Nov 2013
Meddling with physical constants can be traced .
Discussion :
Briefly, meddling like inducing energies above 10^20 eV causes changes in C (lightspeed) and G(Gravitational constant .
These can easily be tracked by GPS , or Acellerometers . It surfaces as an anomalous accellaration .
Difficult to pick up in a single measurement point , but easy if a swarm of measurements are used .
2.It will show as an anomalous netto vector in movement .
3.Cellphones , drones , etc .

4.Historical data :
These are all on record . (Echelon) .
You can see who has been screwing you around in the past .
5.It is then possible to see where those using Zevatrons or other Reality changing mechanisms hanged out .
6.Real Time :
The System administrator of the simulation must have a higher clock-speed (Say Cg)  than C . (Else He cannot be inside the decision loop) .
A swarm can then detect the difference between accellarations caused by Cg or C alterations , as a vector at least .
Say for Zevatron-cloaked warheads .
Though why anyone would bother with warheads escapes me .
So passé .
Isn’t the Singularity run-up fun ?
If you survive it .


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