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The Click Ur Language

The Click Ur Language

Andre Willers
21 Oct 2014
Synopsis :
The original language was both medium and message . Echo-location evolved into abstract meanings .
Discussion :
Echolocation developed naturally in the dark of the caves . It is continually being rediscovered by blind persons .
It then evolved into a means of communication , then into a language .
Because it is both a sensory systems and a language , it is very difficult to lie in it .
And some people were very gifted in it because of their hearing .

For these reasons , humans dispensed with it after agriculture was invented .

Just follow the links .
Most of the !Click language still has to be reassembled .
This is but the barest outline .
Follow the links to a number of discussions developed through the years .
Human echolocation generated by tongue clicks led to enhanced dwelling , hunting , food gathering and information sharing techniques . Remnants are still around (San-bushmen)

Ear-lobe formation denoted descent from click-capable nobility , especially in the degenerate phases .

licks have been found in all living English languages , and suspected in all others .

Click-languages , being both a mode of perception and a language , are not good at abstractions . In-Utero fetuses were programmed by Click languages (by it's very nature) . The transition between Click and non-Click languages will then tend to be very abrupt .

Varying viscosity and pressure gradients in the bloodstream act as a memristor . This means bloodpressure has a memory of it's own . The much higher velocity of sound in water (about 12 times higher than nervous impulses) enables monitoring and control via Click .

Neanderthals were !Click speakers .

Click plays a role in eyeball elongation .

Shamans were Click speakers .

Untrained click speakers would be over-sensitive to sound .

Ley lines were acoustic waveguides built by very pragmatic neolithic click engineers .
A modern  !click speaker :

A potential click-speaker (usually left double-earlobe) needs extra development phases .

Incised spirals has enhanced reflection of sound in a left-handed or right-handed fashion , depending on the spiral

Variable low pressures plays a major role in epigenetic switching on or off of jaw and skeletal genes .

Internal timing is influenced by click processes.

Integrate Finger Tapping , Visual-Auditory systems and Click with Intensional Clenching . This brings about some elements of voluntary control .

Yawning is part of the body’s stress stand-down system .

Heart stemcells can be activatated via Click via biceps and triceps .

Moire patterns created by tongue-click or artificial clicks create virtual Moire patterns in the body that programs phenes . Especially phases of phases of the virtual patterns .

A simple click evolutionary pathway to reset body-timers exists .

Click is capable of being a full-scale map of the environment , comparable to vision , as well as a language .The Brain mechanisms exist to do it .

Brown fat and the concomitant nerve and bloodflow clusters is a major component of the hoemeostatic and energy controlling mechanism .This can be manipulated .

he "Funeral mask of Agamemnon" is a high-fidelity death mask in beaten gold .
There is a distinct difference between the left ear and the right ear .
The left ear was a mark of nobility : a click speaker .

Click ur-language died out because school was too long .

The Neanderthal-Homo hybrids spread all over the Mediterranean littorals. From North Africa to Levant .  !Click devolved into Proto-Nostratic.

Some humans and animals deriving from ice and snow reflective environments have evolved the ability to re-express UV Dopsins . They can see into the Ultra Violet .
This is focused by an extra layer of highly-refractive fats from the epicanthic fold .
Hence the shortsightedness of people with epicanthic folds . Click related.

Rats can hear bats . so can some young humans Why ?

The Neanderthals died out because their legs were too short .But they used click running songs.

Click can program real-time cold adaptation .
Relax with a prehistoric flic crafted tens of thousands of years ago , with sound by !Click .

Stonehenge experimentally found to be sound generators .

And so forth .

Here’s !clicking at you


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