Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ancient round granite balls .

Ancient round Granite balls .

Andre Willers. 
17 Mar 2014 .

Synopsis :
How to make them . Use spin circular saws . Marriage qualifyers .

  Discussion :

1.The unfinished one :

2. You can clearly see the stages of the manufacturing process .

3.A suitable rock is roughly trimmed .
4.Wet rawhide is coated with glue , dusted with abrasives  , then twisted  and lowered onto the rock.
5.Untwisting , it abrades the rock . You can see an halfway result above .
6. It took lots of time . But they had it . This was a hobby for some very bored people and randy teenagers .
6.1 Repeat hundreds of times . Rotate the rock slightly .
6.2 You end up with a round rock .

For all the round rocks .
7. Sexual drivers .
The very number and size-variation suggests a sexual reproductive motive .
Basically , a reproductive fitness test .
If the male can stick it out to make a round  ball , he can stick it out to rear a child .
The manufacturing process would give very round balls  , but oval ones (like cojones) would be most prized .
8. Conjectures :
There are more oval balls buried away.
Every ball represents a family .
9. When their cities collapsed , they just walked away . Leaving their balls . But not their cojones .
If you have the courage , go dig them up . Do take some serious firepower .
Marbles , anyone ?


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